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Gluten free endo diet.. tips?

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So I’ve decided to go the whole hog, new start new diet gluten free and healthy.

Just ordered a whole food shop from Ocado full of healthy and gluten free stuff - honestly the highlight of my night will be that coming - recovery is that exciting haha!

Anyone else doing it?

Any tips?

My main worry is been out and about and finding places to eat..any places that are super good for gluten free options?

Have you noticed a change in yourself from doing the diet?

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I’ve noticed a difference in going gluten and dairy free but not a massive change. I definitely feel less bloated which is a good thing and I don’t suffer with heartburn like I used to. However I’ve only been on the diet for 3 days haha as I struggled off and on with it for a while but deffo seen a change in bloating.

There’s plenty of gluten free restaurants and food options but I always joke to my boyfriend that I’m gonna be even more awkward to take on a date haha. In Manchester, where I’m from, there’s loads of new vegan shops popping up which are gluten free as well.

If you go on Pinterest you will get a good idea of recipes that are actually nice and easy to make.

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Kate345 in reply to princessk09

I’ve been doing it for a few days. Not noticed a huge change yet but it takes time!

Actually loookong forward to it

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princessk09 in reply to Kate345

Yeah at first I was thinking my food will be boring but I actually like it and love having smoothie bowls for breakfast

Zizzi and Pizza Express are the bomb for gluten free stuff! They’re my knights with shining carbs 👸🏼 x

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Kate345 in reply to cmbxm

We have both of those here so perfect haha and prezzo 😂

I’m really hoping this will make me less bloated and lose weight too

Also Wagamama, carluccios and Jamie Oliver’s do gluten free options. Most places do if you ask it can be a bit of a faff as they get all paniacky and get a special book but usually good tasting.

hi. How are you doing? Did the shopping come? It worked well for me and after my second op I tried things and could rule in / out so anything pasta based even gluten free just doesn't agree with me but I'm fine with cows milk so you have to experiment to find what suits you. We eat fairly well anyway just introduced kale which is good for it and reduced citrus as for me that bought on pain. I found bread and sweet things the hardest as I don't like the gluten free so I occasionally have a normal peace but I can only do 1 or I get ill.

I have to say we have struggled eating out as sometimes even gluten free options disagree with me, and when friends suggest going out for pizza I always have to make up an excuse as I can't touch it☹ .

I have unintentionally lost some weight with it and feel better in my self and my skin is fairly clear which its not been in the past.

for sweet things I make my own as I like to know what is in it😊.

hope you are healing well. Xx

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Kate345 in reply to Tillyfloss

Yeah the Ocado delivery came really impressed!

So much gluten free stuff in the house now.

Had gluten free / milk free pasta last night with turkey mince and a salad really trying to cut out red meat completely and generally just eat better I never ate amazing so I’m seeing this as a life reset button tbh time for change I’m looking forward to living my life again after this recovery as everything’s been on hold.

That is my worry is going out for food but there is gluten free pizza options from dominos, pizza express, zizzi I guess the issue is there is only like 1-2 options where as gluten people get everything lol

I was like oh what if I’m in London and need food what do I do but when you think about it there’s m&s who have amazing choices, most places like pret Starbucks have one gluten free option.. it’s not so bad these days I think I over worry about it more than the reality

I’m all for the weight loss and healthier living I’ve been looking about gluten and honestly it’s pretty nasty in general! We don’t need it in our bodies and you can see why endo hates it.

I’m a week post op now... still bit sore but tons better from day one. Defiantly need another week or two to be fully back to normal

Congratulations on finding out and buying some gluten and dairy free foods. May your journey in to this world of unknown bring you some yummy finds.

watch out for the sugar content in the shop brought gluten and dairy free stuff, especially in things like biscuits, muffins , cakes etc.

the sugar can cause problems with an endometriosis diet.

try Nakd bars they are more natural sugar (cashew nuts, dates and raisins with flavourings usually) and will help with balancing hormone levels. also if you can get 100% dark (Montezuma's are the best ) chocolate. this also helps to balance hormones and has no gluten or dairy or soy in it. just 100% Cacao.

you only need a piece at a time for a chocolate fix as it's very strong.

Things like corn and rice do not contain gluten and are cheaper on the normal supermarket shelves. they double the price in the gluten free section. just watch out for things like barley , dextrose , brown sugars and fructus in cereals as they are sneaked in if you buy things like cornflakes or rice crispies or cereals.

If you buy microwave rice packets check to make sure they only have rice oil or sunflower oil in with the rice.

Most supermarkets have a dietary list that you can download from their websites which show you gluten, dairy and soy free products through out the store.

When you go out to restaurants look for GR (Gluten free) or DF (dairy free) labels next to the foods on the menu.

some have websites you can check a list of foods with. usually a print out online.

Most coffee shops with have almond milk or another alternative milk for things like latte or cappuccino. they also do a range of gluten and dairy free cakes these days.

Also have a chat with your doctor as you can get some gluten free products on prescription.

websites like Glutafin sometimes send you free items to try. they have a free taster box in the just diagnosed section of their website.

so do some research and find out about gluten free websites online.

Most supermarkets have almond milk and other alternative own products these day .

Alpro have almond, coconut and soy product.

Pure do spreads like olive oil or sunflower oil margarines.

Have fun finding out what you can eat and seeing if you can get free samples and coupons.

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Kate345 in reply to

I’m doing my best. So far.. today gluten free wrap with chicken, had a gluten free flapjack.. I know sugar. Then had some fruit and for dinner salmon, rice and veggies. I’ve cut gluten out totally my house has all the gluten free things in the cupboards haha so I’m prepared.

I also bought rice milk today to have with my gluten free cornflakes

I honestly think you can do your best.. with sugar I haven’t cut it out lol like I had that flapjack today and a jelly after my tea.

Had GF free pasta last night with turkey mince and a salad. Made big changes for me but the sugar thing will be the hardest but one step at a time hopefully cutting out gluten completely red meat and eating less rubish will really help me and I’ll see some benefits even if it’s general lifestyle improvements and more energy less bloated :)

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Your doing great. Keep up the good work. Only you know what your body can tolerate. So go at your own pace.😀

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Notice less bloating feeling by not eating gluten!

Well done for taking the plunge! It can be difficult to do, but i think it's so worth it. I first went gluten free by choice (prior to endo diagnosis) after doing a 3wk elimination diet and finding that I felt so much better and less bloated when I didn't have too much wheat/gluten.

Since my diagnosis in 2016, I have been really strict with it, and have now fallen into being more dairy free too - I started with just substituting regular milk for lacto-free or nut milk, but now I'm looking at dairy free yoghurts, and have just bought some vegan cheese to try (though I think it's going to be a little bland for my taste). I also don't really have red meat anymore, and only drink decaff coffee occasionally.

There are so many things out there now that you can have instead of pasta/bread, rice or rice noodles are a good option too. I find Scharr as a brand really good, particularly their bread, it's not a big loaf, but feels and taste like proper bread (which some gluten free brands don't) and their chocolate fingers are really good if you're looking for a sweet treat! Some of the Warburtons gluten free stuff is good too.

As for restaurants, Bill's have a really good gluten free menu which is completely separate, and most restaurants now will have gluten free options, you just have to ask. Just be careful with vegan/vegetarian options though, as they may still use regular flour, or other things that have gluten/wheat in them.

I would echo what others have said though, it's very much trial and error, what works for you, may not work for someone else. You may be ok with some types of bread/pasta but not others, just keep going with it until you find stuff that agrees with you.


Hi Kate!I just had an appointment with a dietitian specialized in endo and she said the main thing to focus on is having a low fodmap diet. In this diet you eat mostly glutenfree but you are alloud to have spelt bread. Also a lot of fruits and vegetables that you think are fine are actually high in fodmaps. Apples, bananas, berries, onion, mushrooms, peas and garlic. The list goes on. It was very eye opening to speak with her. She said the anti-inflammatory diet is based on one small study and not really proven affective, where the low fodmap diet has been thoroughly researched. If you want a lost of foods, she recommended the Monash website or app. Let me know if you need any more information on this! Have the next appointment with her in 6 weeks after which we will try and re-introduce foodgroups.

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