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Pregnancy and Zoladex!

Hi, I have endo and have had 3 x Zoladex implants. I am wanting to try for a baby and my consultant took my coil out today and told me to get on with it! So my next Zoladex was due 9th Aug (obviously not having it now) I have tried to research pregnancy after Zoladex and it just seems to say wait for 3-6 months. Whereas she just said it will take a month for it to leave my system anyway and I should just get on with it so I am a little confused! Should I get a second opinion? X

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Have a read of my remarks to a previous enquiry called "Baby Dreaming" it will answer your query


which is 4 months of safe sex after the last implant is put in your body.


Hi, i have had zoladex in the past and after a scare with a split condom i can safely say it was one of the scariest things thinking i may be pregnant at a time when i had a drug inside me that could harm a baby. The manufacturing guidelines are very clear and say wait four months.

However since finishing the drug i have been to a fertility talk on endo where a consultant said some women are given the drug to help with pregnancy. I never got the chance to question this so i personally would stick with manufacturing guidelines.

It may be the post impatient is refering to, but there was a post where a pady got six different opinions , vot pregnant and then found out her pregnancy was at risk.

Sorry I can't be more helpful. I wish there was clear guidelines for us all to followxdx


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