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Endeometrosis & PCOS / Mirena - trying to have a baby

Hi all,

I was wondering if you could help me, I had a laparoscopy 2 years ago, where they clean my endeometrosis and they inserted the Mirena. I also have PCOS but nothing you can do about it.

My story is, after the Laparoscpy surgery I was in the most traumatic horrible pain in my life i was in and out of hospital for 2 -3 months screaming in pain because my body wanted to get ridoff the Mirena, My doctor didnt wanted to take it out as she said that its a reaction and plus I cant take any hormones pills as I have reacted so bad to everything so I really needed to hang in there to see if the Mirena will help i had to give time for my ovaries to accept the Mirena. and I did i put up with it in and out of hospital for 2 months at least. after the 3 months I felt amazing, energetic, not heavy feelings in my stomach, the fluid retention started to go away. I have never felt so great in my life "it lasted for 2 years only" :(

I decided to take it out as I got married me and husband would like to start planning to have a baby.

I took it out 2 months ago, first a bleed for 3 days very little bit. and then it all started happening again. I am now getting swollen, my stomach feels heavy, my boobs are sooo sore and big, it makes me feel down as I was hoping i was going to get better after the Mirena.

I dont know what to do anymore - I eat very healthy and stay active.

I am taken

"InNatal" which is a multivitamin for the baby and me

"FOLATE" for the baby to be

"VITEX"(chaste Tree) for the swollen, pains and to regulate my period

"MACA POWDER" (taste YUK) but it helps with ovulating and with the fertility

I am hoping I will feel better again soon - Please if any other lady has had the same issue, I would appreciate your comments as I really need some hope that I will be a mum soon :)

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Hey, sorry to hear you're having troubles. I'm not in your situation, nor ready to get pregnant, but I would recommend getting an ovulation kit, so that you can work out where you are in your cycle, how long it is etc. Also, my partner is a GP, and worked in a family planning clinic, he always tells people that the sperm needs to already be there when you ovulate. Good luck!

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If your endo is getting worse again, you might need to have another lap. It doesn't last forever, maybe yours has gone worse again.


You could literally have described my situation! I dont have pcos but ive had the mirena for a few years and struggled at first but persevered and it was brilliant, I did start taking the pill alongside it as well and had a few good years. I stopped the pill in April and had the coil removed in May, I felt great initially, less fuzzy headed and was happier and had a sex drive return! But since then its been awful, I'm so bloated and I've put on like half a stone, I've got acne on my chin and back and my hair and skin is oily and I'm tired all the time. I had my first period which was very heavy but only lasted 3 days, I should be ovulating the next week but I haven't been testing, we were just going to try this month and hope for the best!

I'm really hoping its just the mirena hormone withdrawal and that it will get better, I didn't really want to get pregnant already a stone heavier than normal!

I'm seeing my consultant next week so will ask if its a normal reaction to stopping the mirena, if you are having pain though you might need another lap again.

Best of luck ttc! X


Hi All,

Thank you for all your emails - I think all these new vitamins that I am taken now has helped me so much and I got my Periods :) :)

As I said I am taken:

"InNatal" which is a multivitamin for the baby and me

"FOLATE" for the baby to be

"VITEX"(chaste Tree) for the swollen, pains and to regulate my period - 2 x a day

"MACA POWDER" (taste YUK) but it helps with ovulating and with the fertility 2 x a day

I got my Period 5 days ago and its very very heavy I still have it heavy. I have never in my life have had that much of Period - I had pain one day but not too much i took 2 nurofen and it went away. I will keep taken the tablets until I can get pregnant. Hopefully soon :)


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