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Trying for a baby

Hi, I have endometriosis and ave been on the contraceptive pill to manage it.

I came off the pill in September to try for a baby and my painful periods have returned, my cycle is all over the place and I’ve had lots of discomfort through out my cycle on the right side . It’s been stressful not knowing what’s going on with my body, when I’m ovulating, managing pain and discomfort as well as coping with the emotions that’s have come along with it.

Has anyone had a similar situation? How long dose it take for periods to regulate after being on the pill?

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Hi Hun , I don’t have endo but I’ve had the same problem, iam currently on norethisterone for the pain with periods and it’s making me ovulate loads , I had the implant removed 2 months ago , ask your doctor if you can get a prescription of norethisterone or see your gynaecology? I think it’s about 6 months till you get them , but you can get pregnant even if you don’t have a period if you ovulate you can get pregnant! My mate didn’t have any periods for a year and she was only ovulating she’s currently 5 months pregnant xx



I was diagnosed with endo in September after unsuccessful trying for a baby for year and a half. Just like you I got off the pill to conceive but it didn’t happen. I was ovulating and I had painful, quite regular periods but it nothing happened. During lap it was discovered that my tubes are rubbish and the openings Are not big enough for an egg to come through. We have the first meeting with and ivf nurse in February...


First time I got pregnant straight away, second time periods were all over the place and I had cramping here and there I didn’t really understand why. Two years later I had a lap and endo found its in my tubes so they are slow to spill making ttc very hard- I would say see ur dr and get referred - I know they say wait a year but having endo is a different ball game in my opinion. I’m convinced endo gave me polycystic ovaries x


Hello it took around 6 months for my periods to regulate after being on contraception for 10 years, various different pills for pain management.

I had anything from 21 day to 46 day cycles at first!

After they regulated i started using ovulation strips to track my ovulation which i got quite cheap online. I eventually got to know my cycle and knew when i would ovulate, but stress contributed to wether i would ovulate and if my period would come. As well as illness and food poisoning!

Eventually after 10 months of trying and getting to know my cycles i (finally, after what felt like forever) got pregnant in December!

Good luck, try and be patient and be mindful it takes everyone different lengths of time and try not to worry!


Thank you all. I have a doc appointment in 2 weeks after my ultrasound scan to see what’s going on. Hopefully will get some answers.


Best thing is to go doctors to find out my endo is stage 4 really bad my specialist was amazing my tubes are badly damaged plus other stuff I had operation in April 2017 started my ivf in sept and was very lucky to be pregnant with my amazing daughter in nov 17 xx


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