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Yesterday diagnosed with Endo

Hi everyone looking for some advice. I’m 23 and yesterday had laparoscopy and was diagnosed with Endo servere with lots of clusters which he managed to burn off.. when I was 15 I had a cyst on my left ovary sized 16cm by 24 with 3litres of non cancerous fluid in they had to remove the left ovary as because the cyst was that big it cut of the circulation so it was dead. On my right ovary I have polycystic ovary along with this too.. with him burning the clusters what does this mean? I’ve got another appointment in 3 months but what happens now? Will I need another op will it keep reaccuring? Thanks everyone

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Hello Lauren,

If your consultant burned off the endo (abalation) rather than cut out the disease (excision) then I’m afraid it will come back :( I described abalation to another lady in the way that if you have stubborn weeds in your garden, and just mow them with a lawnmower you wouldn’t be able to see them anymore but the roots would still be there and they would grow up again 😕

In my first surgery my consultant just burned off what she could see and I remained symptom free for around 10 months and then went for my first excision lap. I’m not saying this will definitely happen to you though - everyone is different 🙂

Best of luck and I hope you’re healing well xxxx

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Thank you so much for your reply have you had to have more than one op? Xxx


Hi Lauren,

I’m about to have my 5th lap :( but I am stage 4 so it’s really quite severe xxx


I’m in agony with my back n can’t take deep breaths is that normal? Had op 2pm yesterday xxxx


I’m so sorry to hear that. Is it in your shoulder blade area? If so that will most likely be the trapped gas moving up which they fill your tummy with during the op and it’s very painful. Peppermint tea really helps to clear it though. But if you’re at all worried give your GP a call xxx


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