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Endo specialist in Lancashire

Hi ladies,

Does anyone know of an endometriosis specialist within Lancashire? I'm coming towards the end of my Zoladex treatment, seeing the gynae in a couple of weeks, and suspect that a hysterectomy may be discussed as the next stage (I'm 41 years old).

Having never seen my named consultant (Mrs Martindale, Burnley Women's Centre), I wonder if I should be seeking more of an expert guidance.

I'd really appreciate any advice you have to offer x

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The only NW accredited endo centre is in Birkenhead The Wirral,


Or there is one at Elland near Halifax. I guess you're about half between the two of them,

There might be other individual endo gynaecologists around in Lancashire but we aren't supposed to name names on this forum, so anyone with a name will have to send you a private message.

The medical profession on the whole are reluctant these days to do hysterectomy as it doesn't cure endo which is elsewhere in the body on other organs.

So while it will stop you having periods and heavy bleeds and will have an impact on pain levels it isn't a cure all.

What other treatments and surgeries have you done so far?


Thanks so much for your response. I've had a look at the web link and I note there are a couple of provisional centres in Manchester too. All approx an hour's drive from me which is great.

I've had a laparoscopy which showed an old spot of endo in the Pouch of Douglas. They didn't remove it though which I was surprised at. The inserted a Mirena coil whilst they were there which reduced bleeding a little but, sadly, didn't stop it. They also removed my appendix as the bulk of my pain was (and still is) lower right abdomen.

They've left the Mirena in and I've had 3 months of Zoladex which was fantastic. Had a break for a couple of months then they've let me have another 9 months, of which I'm 6 months through. Not been as good until this last 6 weeks which has been just wonderful!

I'm fortunate to have 2 daughters.


Hi, I live in London but was treated at the Elland centre. I had been told by my previous gynae consultant that my innards were a total mess and my only hope was a hysterectomy and oophrectomy followed by HRT. Hysterectomy is not the cure all for endo. It does help if you have adenomyosis (endo in the uterine wall). I also could not see the sense in removing my ovaries to take HRT.

I did some research myself and found out that there was another option available. I got myself referred to Elland (Mr A K Trehan) and underwent a procedure which he pioneered called 'total radical excision' which was all done keyhole. Instead of just removing patches of endo l like most surgeons, it strips out the lining of your peritoneum leaving you with a new surface once healed, and removing seen and unseen endo at the deeper layer and also unfreezing your pelvic organs. I also had endo recto/vaginal (Pouch of Douglas) and Mr T removed that too.

He saved my ovaries with a technique called 'temporary ovarian suspension'. This pulls the ovaries forwardwith a large looped stitch so that they do not become adhered to the healing surfaces and then a week later the stitch is removed and the ovaries fall back into place. My first consultant also told me I would probably need a bowel re-section, which had freaked me out at the time, but Mr T said this was not the case as my endo was on the surface and could be shaved off rather than have a re-section. He said it is very rarely actually penetrating the bowel. I have been fine since.

I can honestly say that was over 2 years ago now and I have not had a peep from endo. For now, at least, life is back to normal. I feel it was the best thing I could have done and it was worth the journey from London to Elland. It is more important to see the best person than to stick to whoever is around locally if you are able to have that choice.

The only problem now is that he only does private treatment after pulling out of the NHS last year. Have a look at his website (just type in his name and it will appear) and, even if you do not get to see him, it will arm you with information to make a decision. Endo tends to get grouped with 'women's problems', hence you get referred to a gynaecologist because it reacts with your monthlies. I think it is important that you see a specialist endo consultant.

All very best wishes to you x x


I see Mr Gazvanni at Liverpool Women's .....He is fantastic ! ! Been seeing him for years, he and his clinic are very knowledgeable and kind. I won't see anyone else.


Thank you both for your recommendations. I truly appreciate you taking the time to advise ne. Best wishes to you x


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