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Fed up. Constant pain and nausea and now sciatica

Just using this as a place to let out my anger. I had diagnostic lap 3 weeks ago which has confirmed the endo they removed last year (4cm lump) is back. Now the constant pain and ache has started up again and I have constant nausea which is getting worse. Saw a Dr last night whose given me some anti sickness tablets and also confirmed some of my back and leg pain (this has been since surgery, different to my endo back and leg pains) is most likely sciatica from the way I was handled in surgery. I just feel so much anger towards my endo. I had an observation at work yesterday which didn't go as well as I'd hoped and I just feel like screaming out in frustration give me a break I hurt, I constantly feel like I want to throw up. My periods are irregular as I also have PCOS. My surgeon wants me to get pregnant and we are actively trying but I have no clue the pattern of my cycle and when I ovulate. I want my period to start then I can use monitor to help this but I also know I have excruciating pain to put up with when it does. Just so tearful right now. Even the headache I get just before my period has been hanging around for the past week. I hate endo. I hate it I hate it!

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Oh bless you. This blooming disease is so horrible. How us ladies keep relatively sane and survive everyday is a miracle! You are doing so well hun.

How long have you been trying for a baby? If a year or more then go to your GP and ask to be referred for fertility tests.

I was trying the ovulation tests which sometimes showed a result and sometimes didn't. I was told later by the Gynae I saw re fertility that these ovulation tests are not great as your body can send the signal as if you are ovulating but actually an egg is not being released or something else going on which these tests wont show. Turns out after blood tests I was not ovulating hardly at all! I had started to try Clomid to boost the ovulation but even then the blood tests were showing no success. I now know from a HSG and a Lap recently that my only option for a child is IVF. My husband also had to have his sperm tested..thankfully he was ok.

Nausea is a bitch! I have it almost every day at various degrees from low to high. I have every sympathy for you. I recently had it that the headache wouldn't go away and it was hard to keep my eyes open. This blooming disease hey!

I hope things have eased a bit for you today. I know it hard but try and remember and tell yourself that you are being strong and better than the endo as you are fighting it everyday. Hugs x


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