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Bladder symptoms

I need some help over what the symptoms of bladder endo are.

Every day I have to constantly pee every 20 minutes or so even though my bladder isn’t full. It just feels full all the time even when I haven’t had a drink of water etc.

During my period I have blood in my wee but I don’t know if this is normal or not tbh.

What are the signs endo could be on the bladder? Any help would be appreciated 💕

Also, I always have sharp pains in my ovaries even though it’s not ovulation. What does this mean?

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I had bladder frequency and had 2 areas of endo on my bladder which were excised and my bladder symptoms have now cleared up.

I never had any blood in my urine though. I believe that can be a symptom of endo inside the bladder.

I've no idea about the ovary pain. Perhaps inflammation from endo, a cyst, or just chronic non functional central pain system pain affecting that area....

I had a cystoscopy to rule out endo inside the bladder and a mirror or ultrasound to check for ovary cysts. Worth getting those checked out if you have not already done so?


I had an ultrasound last June and it showed no ovarian cysts etc. However a pelvic exam in December showed tenderness in the ovary area on both sides.

The doctors just keep referring to the ultrasound last year but things could of changed by now.


Just a thought but perhaps a pain specialist could help identify if it's functional pain that you're experiencing?

They do seem to allow a long time between scans. I had one in January due to my extra issues and it showed a hydrosalpinx of a decent size which wasn't there during my surgery in July. Even so my next scan isn't until May. So 4 months.

Good luck in pushing for further investigation xxx


Blood in your wee is not normal, it could be a sign of endo in the bladder which would explain the blood as it's worse around your period. It could also be a bladder infection, cystitis, or pH imbalance (acid / alkali wee), all cause the same symptoms. It would be good to get that checked; the first thing docs will ask is can you be sure its definitely blood in your wee, they'll advise you to use padding / tampon / cup and shower / clean the area so there is no blood from period anywhere near the urethra (urine hole) and then do a urine sample.

A pH imbalance in urine (normal urine of 6) can be rectified by drinking cranberry juice, which is why it is suggested to relieve symptoms associated with cystitis (frequent feeling of passing urine, small amounts, urgency, pain and burning when urinating).

If you're going to a gp or out of hours it may be a good idea to take a sample with you. They can do a dip stick test to check what's in your urine, and will look for blood, plus various other things that can suggest different illnesses. I have some at home, go them from amazon so I'm used to how to do them - they test a whole range of things (blood, white blood cells, protein, glucose, ketones, urine density, pH ...) - used to checking!

I had to do the above, found out it was a urinary tract infection (UTI) I was made to feel unclean by docs because they told me about hygiene etc, however I later realised if you have endo it can make you prone to UTIs because your immune system is a little lower.


Yeah I’m unsure whether it’s blood from my period or blood in my bladder etc. I only get it whilst on my period but the bladder frequency is getting beyond ridiculous outside of my period too.

I don’t have burning or pain though so I don’t think it’s a UTI but I’ve never actually had one, that I know of anyways.

I’m at a gynae appointment on the 23rd March which is ages away but I’ll mention it to him.


I know it's difficult to tell where the blood is coming from sometimes on a period, it's just there, euggh :(

If you can get it checked sooner, to at least have the UTI side ruled out, or if there's anything else wrong / that feels similar: it's your liquid waste disposal, if something's not right it could get worse. GP or out of hours, even nurses should be able to do the urine test side of it :)

Hope you find out what it is, you may find a doc can prescribe you something to give you a bit of relief (no pun intended there) and that will help you stay sane and have a life until your appointment!


I don’t know how helpful this is as everyone is different but I had endo on my bladder that eventually became full thickness. My symptoms were pretty bad as I had sever stage 4 endo. Some of my symptoms were severe pain passing urine during my period plus a few days before and after my period. My urine always tested positive for blood and inflammation when dip stick tested no matter what time of the month but negative for infection. I had very bad pain in my pelvic area and around the pubic bone. I also had rectovaginal endo though so difficult to know if my symptoms were solely bladder related. Best of luck


Do you get pains when you don’t wee? Even though your bladder isn’t totally full? Been tested for utis and infections so much but no one can tell me why I pee constantly and why if I don’t I get stabbing pains 😩 x


Yeah if I wait a little bit I get stabbing pains in my lower stomach which then causes slight pain peeing. I don’t have utis or anything xx


It’s so strange and frustrating! Asked if my gynaecologist at the time if he wanted me to see a urologist and he said “but there’s nothing wrong with you!” It’s like I’m hitting my head against a brick wall half the time 😩 x


Omg I know the feeling. I’ve seen 4 gynaes and one of them was an endo specialist so he knew what he was talking about. Unfortunately I can’t afford surgery with him so now I’m back at the beginning and have to see another gynae on the nhs. Hopefully he is an endo specialist and stuff.

It’s annoying as my ultrasound scan was clear last year but the endo specialist found tenderness in my ovary area. So I kinda freaked out over that haha xxx


Could also be pelvic floor dysfuntion, I pee constantly and sometimes it comes on like a sudden urge. Apparently the muscles in the pelvis can affect the bladder due to them squeezing and contracting, which can cause the pain and also squeeze the bladder x


Last 2 days I've been going to the toilet a lot more frequently then other days. I've also noticed more pain in my pelvis and lower backache too, seems to be related I feel.

I would get blood in your urine checked. I can hand a sample into my doctors and the nurse checks it. Might be worth doing so you don't have to make an app x


It’s a weird one though as I only get blood in my wee during my period. So I have no idea if it’s just normal xx


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