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I believe that I have endo but not diagnosed doctor stop period for three months is this necessary to do before a lap? prone to cysts safe?

I believe that I have endo but not yet been diagnosed . I don't have the best insurance so I have been seen at a clinic. Dr doesn't seem to take me seriously is stopping my period for three months necessary to do before getting a lap also he said after that he wants me to try lupron for three months then MAYBE get a lap done. Sorry long story short is it also safe to stop your period for so long especially of I'm prone to cysts? Help please!

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I was put on Cerazette in 2011 to stop my periods because I was bleeding too often and haven't had a proper period since. It's perfectly safe and I too am prone to cysts because I have polycystic ovaries. It's helped me a lot because I was suffering so badly with my periods and I was so worried about becoming anaemic too. I haven't had any trouble with cysts since being on it and it's been nearly 3 yrs now. I still get breakthrough bleeds twice a year perhaps, but that's it x


Also, it's likely that your doctor wants you to try Lupton to see if your symptoms improve or even dissappear. If they do then it's 99% likely that you do have endometriosis and he can then definitely decide whether to do a laparoscopy or not x


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