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First period since laparoscopy (to diagnose and have diathermy to endo) worst pain I have ever had. Is this common?


Hi everyone,

it has been three/ nearly four weeks since my laparoscopy to diagnose endometriosis and then treat with diathermy. Yesterday I literally wanted someone to punch me to knock me out as the pain I was in was indescribable. It was period pain x a million and I am a little concerned as my consultant didn't say anything about expecting a really awful one after the operation. I was eating pain killers like they were sweets and they didn't touch the pain at all, my partner wanted to take me to A&E. I feel a bit better today (I can actually move) and fortunately it was a weekend so I didn't have to take a day sick at work as their patience is running thin.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does it get better? The thought of having pain like that again terrifies me :(

Any help on this would be hugely appreciated :)

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Hi, I think this is quite normal, my first period after lap was more painful and I was told that because your still healing inside from op the bleeding will agrevateeverything. I can say my second period wwasn't as bad and they are now back to normal, well as normal as they were before op. I hope the pain settles down soon and you recovering well from the op. Although I was back at work it was about 2 months before I felt properly recovered. If the pain gets worse then ask your doctor for stronger pain relief, I did this by phone as couldn't get appointment for a week later!.

The only time I have relief from all the pain is in a hot bath and I now have an electric heat pad rather than hotwaterbottle as stays much hotter for longer and has really helped.

Hope you feel better soon x

Catness in reply to lillyflower

Hello :)

Thank you for your reply. That makes me feel a little better and I will definitely look into an electronic heat pad as I carry my hot water bottle everywhere but it doesn't keep the heat well. I will go to my GP this week to get some more pain killers.


lillyflower in reply to Catness

It's from amazon and definitely worth it as I was constantly microwaving my hottie as didn't stay hot enough it's a fast heat up and has 90 min click off incase you fall asleep which I have as feels so nice! In this hot weather just had to drink lots of cold drinks so I didn't over heat!! Lol x hope doctors prescribe something helpful.


Yes this quite normal unfortunately, you're insides are still healing and you've been poked around a lot inside. My first period was hell and I was found passed out on the bathroom floor! The only thing I've found that actually touches the pain is diclofenac suppositories - to me they have been a wonder drug, they almost dumb everything in your pelvis, might be worth discussing with your doctor.

I hope things start to improve and definitely pester your GP for different drugs/help etc, its not a time to be brave x

hayls in reply to hayls

*numb not dumb!

Catness in reply to hayls

Yes I was nearly in the pass out zone. I will definitely look into the diclofenac drug and will be going to my GP this week. Thank you :) xx

foosey in reply to Catness

Hiya, sorry to pass on bad news but I think diclofenac has been taken off the market. When I was at the doctors 4 weeks ago he said they do not prescribe them anymore. x

hayls in reply to foosey


Foosey I think you might be right about diclofenac, it was on the news as well, but think it might just be the tablet form (which gave me really bad headaches) but not the suppositories (brand name for these is Econac) as I saw a different GP this week and they still gave me 2 more boxes of these and didn't mention anything. The GP has said before that they are normally only used post-surgery for things like caesarean sections and even then only prescribed for about a week. I have found them amazing as they don't knock me out like other drugs and each one lasts 24hours so I try to limit how many I 2-3 a month. I would recommend trying them if things are really bad and a GP is happy to prescribe them.

Hi. You could try tramadol. I have found that helps with the pain. Best wishes.

Catness in reply to Lilyloulou

Hello. thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I am one of the people that get very ill on tramadol. My GP prescribed me with extra strong codeine today for my flare ups so hopefully that works.

Hi. Hope it works for you and you get on top of the pain. I am unable to take my painkillers as trying to concieve... It's terrible at the moment. Best wishes.

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