Had 2 big chocolate endo cysts of my ovaries but took serrapeptase four weeks before having a lap take them out and they have gone???

Had 2 big chocolate endo cysts of my ovaries but took serrapeptase four weeks before having a lap take them out and they have gone???

Hi there a little about my self I'm 27 years old married with the love if my life been together since 15 and have a amazing son who is 11 this year!! Been trying to conceive with my second since 2008 had no luck last year went to doctors to find our why?? Had loads of blood test and they were fine periods exactly 28 days apart check my tubes with a hsg both blocked at the uterus end and a scan to confirm that I had chocolate bleeding cysts on my ovaries read up on natural remedies can across serrapeptase and thought I would give them ago started than 4 weeks before lap to have them removed as was told they wouldn't go on there own they would just get bigger, well woke up from my lap and dye test and was told that there were no cysts to drain or remove and no endo anywhere also that my left tube was blocked at the end where the ovary is other tube completely blocked from the uterus end, do I was woundering if any others lady out there had tried this because this is the only thing ice used? If you can you open tubes with this emzeym as I think it might have opened then up a bit so if I carry on could it open all of the tube???

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  • That's fantastic news! I'd be interested to know if you had pain accompanying those cysts or not. And if the cysts were inside or attached to your ovaries or not. I'm about to have my cysts removed (but one is inside an ovary)cos I'm in constant pain, but when I saw your post I thought I'd look in to this. I'm all for a more holistic approach to treatment too and I'm so pleased for you finding something that works. If you find any other natural remedies that work please let me know.

  • Hello chick, yes I had on my left an enlarged ovary as there was a cysts on it they said not really big but big enough for it not be drained and had to be cut away:( which could affect the function of my ovary and a little one next to it and my right ovary was normal but the cyst was coming of a stalk of my ovary so they said they would drain that one, as for pain I had a constant pain in my back like somthing was going to blow up any second that's the only way to describe it and when my period was here I got alot worst,I had a scan when I found I had them and they said they can't normal say if they were endo cysts but because I was one they could see them bleeding one the scan that confirmed they were and when I woke up from the lap she said they had gone nothing at all to be seen no endo no nothing couldn't believe it there was no need to have the lap in the end, I was really skeptical a out herbal remedies but hubby said just try them what have you got to lose I felt the constant pain in my back go after two weeks after taking them :)

  • How are you doing today? I have surgery scheduled for this month, but your story and hog hugs gave me hope. I hope this message finds you.

  • I was taking Serrapeptase because I had found out that it eats scar tissue and impurities in the body. I can't say for sure if it helped with Endo stuff inside me, but a long scar I have on my finger/hand (17 stitches) seemed to really soften up and feel more flexible. I believe in the stuff and I'm glad to hear about what it has done for you. I'm having a hysterectomy in March, so I will find out if it affected my Endo.

  • Hi honey:) thank you for your reply, I do think it helped me and we will soon find out if it helped you:) I wish you well for your op and that everything goes okay let me know how you get on chick when your feeling better after it take care:) x

  • What is the dosage u tuk ? R u still on it ? Any sideeffects ?

  • Hello jenniferann.

    I have been on serrapetase 80,000iu for about three weeks now. I take one-two tablets a day (on an empty stomach)

    I haven't noticed any side effects.

    I got mine from Amazon.

    Best wishes,

    Barbara x

  • Hi Kimttcnumber2,

    Really nice to read about your success with Serrapeptase. Well done and I hope it clears everything up for you. I'm afraid I don't know too much about it so I can't advise on whether it will clear your tubes or not.

    It's something I've been meaning to try and I too would like to know what dose you took.

    Good luck for trying for another baby. x

  • I did a search of the forum and found a post within this thread healthunlocked.com/endometr... from the very knowledgeable Impatient. I would be wary of using it without consulting my doctor first. I can't find any research on it in connection with endo.

  • Brownlow.....I really don't see the point in consulting a doctor regarding taking or using natural products. ..only alternative doctors would know about any facts and the actual products. Let's face it massage and acupuncture have been around centuries but do they advise these things for back pain for eg....no they don't as they are only trained in chemical drugs (also get a nice pay offs from reps ans drug companies) yes I know I was a pa for a gp and saw it all! The only way to actually talk to a highly educated person for a true answer on natural products is a doctor who is a natural doctor. Rare but they are a few out there. Its the same with vets. ..they will never recommend a natural product. ..they are taught and examined om evaluation and giving drugs out. I think there is no better judge of your body than yourself. But of course talking to a professional is always advise able. However choosing someone (the regular doc) to comment on natural medicine is never going to help.

  • Hey there Piper, I like how you talk! Where are you from?

  • Hi Kimttcnumber2, could you tell me if you took one or two tablets?, I have started to take it and I don't know which is the right doses for endometriosis. Thank you and congratulations.

  • I'm unsure if you're still on this thread, but I took Serrapeptase for 4 months and it kept my endo (most of it - I have stage 4) at bay. I think it does work but it may need to be taken in conjunction with something else to give it a boost. I was taking the Prostap injection at the time of taking 3 x 2 tablets each day of 80,000iu strength. I've had 2 periods since coming off the Prostap and the Serrapeptase and I've noticed that my left fallopian tube is dilated again so I've started the Serrapeptase again but on a lower dose of 2 x 2 tablets each day and see how I go....

  • Hi marmon77

    I took three tablets a day every day up the doses it didn't game me it's all herbal but worked a treat it's never came back even when I started my ivf treatment on stimming drugs that makes everything grow to grow the eggs it never came back and thank you good luck sweetie kimxxx

  • Hi there i use nattokinase and tumeric with apple cider vinegar. I was cured from ovarian cysts.I am curremtly taking serraptese for endo and drink kale smoothies . I am feeling much better and glad to hear your success story thank you.

  • Hello there Lyneet, can you tell me how many glasses per day? Oooh, please share! What else do you mix with your kale in your smoothies? I eat plenty of spring cabbage but I find kale to finicky to wash, lol...also, can I get nattokinase from Holland & Barrett?

  • Hello all. I have been taking 1 Serrapeptase 80,000iu daily for a month now and have not experienced any changes with my endo. Do you ladies think it is worth me upping my dosage? I look forward to hearing your advice. Thanks in advance x

  • It depends on how bad your endometriosis is....what stage are you? Do you have adenomyosis also? Any cysts or fibroids? I have stage 4 endo, adeno, small fibroids, salpingitis of my left fallopian tube, constant cyst on my right ovary, left ovary is tethered to the rear of my womb which is retroverted...gosh, having just listed all of that I realise I seriously have a lot going on!

    I took 2 x 3 times per day of the 80,000iu serrapeptase tablets for 3 months. It took away quite a bit of the endo, but I was also taking Prostap Injections at the same time so I wasn't having any periods that would flare up the endo...the serrapeptase could go to work without any interruptions :o)

    I'm off the Prostap now though and have had 2 periods since. I can feel in my abdomen that the salpingitis has returned so I need to start the serrapeptase again. I am unsure of its effectiveness without the Prostap. I'd like to try nattokinase in conjunction with it and see how I get on....

  • Hello what brand did you take on the serraptese?Glad you were cured.

  • Hello Kim,

    I started taking Serrapeptase 2 weeks ago and have been experiencing pain where my cyst is (the left ovary) since I've been taking the capsules. Was it like that for you?



  • Betty I am experiencing the  same thing.  Did u continue to take it? Have any success?? I don't know if I should stop or not! I just hope it isn't doing anything bad!

  • Continue taking,for sure. I had same thing first month of taking serrapeptase: pain on my left ovary where a cyst  was and today my ultrasound showed that cyst is gone :-). My last period seemed alittle more heavy than usual. I think it was cleaning out my ovarian cyst.The period after that was light & pain free. Cyst gone.I have a 1.6 ck intramural uterine fibroid that has shrunk alittle. Going to keep taking serrapeptase. I want it all gone.  

  • Thank u so much for responding! I too have a little fibroid I am hoping will respond. I've been powering through-I really hope the pain is from the cysts being eaten up by the enzymes! I have 2. What type of cysts did I have? I have complex cysts but they aren't sure what type.

    Thanks again!

  • Hi I'm new here I've just been reading through the comments it's good to see that serrapetase has helped in some ways.. I have been told I have pcos and endo but then I was told I didn't just thought it was confusing I had a hsg that confirmed I had servere hydrosalpinx in my right tube and left appeared normal with free spill.. I have been ttc for 5 years 31 never been preg seen 3 different consultants tryed clomid metaformin then told ivf will be my only option then this year my consultant said he would do a lap to unblock but after hearing success stories on serrapetase thought I would give it ago can't hurt can it I've only been on them just over a week I've been given 6 weeks to loose weight so I can have the lap just hope it works been taking 4pills at 80.000iu a day.. I have left msgs on other forums but had no replys so please anyone if you have any advice it would be much appreciated really want my bfp :)

  • Hi, just seen this post and wondered how you got in with it all? I'm in a similar position x

  • I too have just seen this post. I have been looking at all my options today including the surgical removal of my FTs. My worry with more surgery is more adhesions which I already have. I have decided to pursue a few things but a big one will be to take a combination of Wobenzyme, Serrapeptase and Nattokinase. I have used Serrapeptase before and had no side effects. I think taking the combination will be more effective and unlike before I will be consistent when taking the tablets in the morning on an empty stomach. I have nothing to loose at this stage. I will be strict with myself whilst taking these enzymes. Even if they help a little bit it will be amazing for me.

  • I love serrapeptase it's helped me loads in only a few month it cleared my tubes aswel they weren't totally blocked but I had slow tubes and didn't conceive for 2.5 years since taking them I have conceived and against the odds it wasn't ectopic unfortunately I lost it at 5 weeks. But it's helped loads and helped with endo pain and I don't take any pain meds at all now. I recommend it to everyone x

  • Iv cleared my slow tubes with this it took about 10 weeks I still take them I love them for pain. I couldn't conceive after 2.5 years and the lap and dye which confirmed endo and slow tubes either scar tissue or endo was causing them to be slow but they basically said to me it would cost me lots to become pregnant. I did research can't across this and managed to conceive unfortunately I lost it at 5 weeks but it's more than what happened in 2.5 years and it also helps with endo pain so I continue to take and won't stop. X

  • sorry to hear about your loss. After reading your message I can't wait to restart on the enzymes. If the pain lessens surely there must be less inflammation over time. There is a million things wrong with my fertility so I will continue to need IVF but if I can clear things up a bit maybe my transfers will work better. Who knows! I'll give it a try if only to reduce the pain x

  • I was on morphine and 600 mg of Ibuprofen and amitriptline I know I haven't spelt it right. I don't take any pain meds now at, all. That's serrapeptase and diet change. Just trying to get on top of, fatigue now x good luck and hope it helps and your fertility treatment v works out too x

  • Even with my diet changes and vitamin supplements fatigue is tough one. I am constantly tired so I understand. I am not anaemic my Iron levels are very good and I have no thyroid issues. It's just the pain leaves me exhausted. My Gynae offered me morphine and I may need it at some point. When I lost my first pregnancy the pain was so bad that if it was to happen again I would need something like morphine. Because of the IVF transfers I am trying to stick to diet and vitamins to help with pain and now enzymes too! Thank you for your responses x

  • To be honest morphine has not helped with my pain just made me dazed I hate that feeling. Sorry for your loss it's hard isn't it iv had 4. But yes getting our body's tip top shape to support a pregnancy is top of my list pain at bay is, great fatigue is annoying iv struggled since a teen nothing ever been explained for it so it must be the endo and the battle we can't see in our bodies. 😔 take care huh all the best x

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