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Severe pain!!

Hi ladies, hoping someone can offer some advice!!

This is my first period since coming off my pill on the advice of my consultant! It is ridiculously painful - I've already taken lots of Paracetamol, Codeine and also Diclofenac! It hasn't even touched the pain!! I also have a scalding hot water bottle (have ended up scarring my belly/top of legs) :(

Im really worried about having to go to the walk in centre to get pills - i always feel like people hear the words 'period pain' and just assume its nothing! but i feel nauseous and sick from the pain!!

I have my lap due for 11th June thankfully, but I'm in so much pain :(

I really hope someone can offer some help!!


Emma Xx

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Emma I was the same earlier this month, I was taking Microgynon back to back, stopped it as due lap (now lap not for a few months!) I ended up collapsing with the pain went to emergency doc they sent me to A&E as my BP was very high and they were more concerned about a stroke happening than my pain.

I'm now not allowed back on the combined pill :( on BP meds and trying to take it easy. I ended up going home and spending 2 days on bed with Cocodamol and Buscopan, I'm not allowed anti inflammatories and I can't tolerate strong codiene :( I just had to get through it (badly!), I'm due AF this week and absolutely dreading it.

Anyhows! Pls speak to doc and see if they can give you something stronger. IIRC you need to take anti inflammatories before the bleeding starts and keep taking them, diclofenac can be very hard on your stomach, be careful.

I hope you get some relief before your lap x


Thanks Jabster, I finally found relief from the diclofenac and the codeine though which is good. Just after weeks of having normal cramps, to then have that amount of pain was just awful! Going to see my gp some time this week hopefully!

Hard on my stomach how? As in bowel movements?

Thanks for your help Xx


Glad you have some relief :) they can cause stomach problems - ulcers etc. pls take with food to help.



Oh right, yep have started taking them with food now, thanks :) x


Hi. Buspan good, im on tramadol and morphine COs of my pain, it extremely difficult, i feel for you. IM also doing alot of relaxation and meditation cd which helps even for short time. Your lap op the same day as mine, it be my 6th lap since 22 now 35. Good luck Hun, and hope we both have a easy recover and long time good health from Endo :) take care x


Hey, yep i have Buscopan in my draw but wasn't sure whether i should take it or not! Oh wow thats a lot!! Thank you :) Hope your pain free and have a good recovery! Xx


Thank you :) I was told with docs that you van take buspan with paracetmol and ibprofen. I been using it to top up my medicine in-between the 4 hrs of tramadol. Buspan great for period type symptoms. Good luck with everything Hun, give them a go x


Oh thats great thanks... have wondered what i could take them with! Thanks lovey, you too! Xx


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