Pain Relief?

I'm on Tramadol as and when I need it & Paracetamol 8 times a day.

Since I've started driving I cant take my Tramadol during the day and I've got to go 20 miles for work. Is there any pain killer that works with out turning you into a zombie? Cant take any forms of anti inflammatory as I'm allergic to every one! Any advice would be much appreciated, I'm seeing my specialist in July but cant keep depending on my partner to drop me to and from work each day! xx

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Have you tried codeine?, it's an opiate so not NSAID and it's available in a variety of strengths so with a bit of trial and error on the dose you can work out your tolerance so that it doesn't make your drowsy so you're ok to drive. I have the same problem with work as I drive 60 miles each way, but codeine is ok if you get the dose right and will definitely help you more than plain paracetamol.

If you get it on prescription the dose is normally 60mg (2x tablets), I wouldn't suggest taking that and driving as it will most likely make you drowsy and a bit of a zombie (the 60mg tends to send me straight to sleep or very spaced out!) but the version you buy over the counter at the pharmacy is normally 16mg and mixed with paracetamol (sold as co-codamol) and this should be ok for you to drive.

I tend to start off by taking just 1 of the lower dose (so 8mg codeine) and take it with 1 paracetamol so still get the full dose of that and then if I start to struggle during the day I then go up to the 16mg codeine dose, and then up to taking one of the prescription strength (so 30mg codeine) if it's a bad day and I can still drive on that, but I preferably avoid the 30mg if it's within a hour or so of driving home - not worth the risk! I've come to learn that if I need any more pain relief than that then I probably should be at home instead!

Hi Codine is worth a try Hun but be aware it is addictive. I was on it for three years and got to a point where I couldn't remember if I took my last one so would take another and if I ran out my world fell apart I even walked out of work one day as I was so desperate.

I take tramadol now coz I won't go near codeine but I don't find it makes me drowsy, it's trial and error I'm afraid. I hope you get something to help soon. X

Hi I can't take Tramadol at all as it makes me very sick and so I use Dihydrocodeine. It has advantages in that although it makes you dopey to start with it can be tolerated pretty quick. I am able to drive with it now. However you do have to be aware of the possibility of dependance as they are addictive but my GP has always been very good about understanding this and allows me time to wean myself down and off them whenever I am able to. Good Luck

Thanks for all of your reply's!

I've been on codeine & co-codamol before and it didn't touch the sides to be honest, with the Tramadol again it doesn't seem to help with the pain but makes me so out of it I really don't care! Will go back to my GP and find out about the Dihydrocodeine, how long did it take you to tolerate it with out becoming dopey Anukis?


Probably about 4weeks of taking it regularly. Just beware it can make you feel nauseous to begin with and can cause constipation. So start slow. I hope you get some relief. Let me know how it goes xx

Hey sorry for short middle in night message - am worried about you taking paracetamol 8 times a day or have i read it wrong? Do not take more than 4g in 24 hours - 8 tablets or you will overdose with serious side effects.

Have you tried a tens machine or the endo diet to help allieviate symptoms?

Lots of luckxxx

Oh yeah I have a tens machine too, it is a god send!

Sorry about the delay in reply's, Thank you Anukis I'm going to see my GP asap and try it out. I'm constantly nauseous as I have a Hiatus hernia so I doubt it will cause a problem in that sense but I have tried a tens machine but that irritates the hernia which makes me vomit!

Lillil, I take 1 tablet 8 times as day instead of taking 2, 4 times a day my GP told me that paracetamol is crap as it needs to build up in your system to have any decent effects and put me on it that way, I wasn't keen (still not to be fair) but iv got omeprazole to counter act the potential damage to my stomach. Ive had it for just over 2 years now & tramadol for a year, since my diagnosis barring speaking to a nurse briefly to organise seeing a specialist my pain meds are yet to be mentioned hence why I've posted on this site. I'm hoping my specialist can remove my deep rooted endo so I'm pain free ish for a while although its apparently doubtful as I'm 22.


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