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Memory loss when taking tibolone

Hi, just wondered if anybody has suffered with memory loss and amplified confusion when taking tibolone? I had a subtotal hysterectomy in November after years of suffering with endo, because I have no ovaries and am 35 I have to take HRT.

I seem to wake up with a fuzzy head, almost like a hangover and seem to suffer some memory loss. Just wondered if anybody else has felt this way. Thanks xx

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Hi Tarley,

7 years ago I was on Zoladex with Tibolone. My brain nearly melted. On a few occasions I also woke in the morning not being able to remember who I was for quite a while. I always put this down to the Zoladex but now you've got me thinking that the Tibolone might have been the culprit. x


Hi, thanks for your reply. I had one 3 months dose of zoladex and made me like an anxious mess with panic attacks so severe , it affected my life so badly. But now it seems that tibolone has memory loss side effects for me. I 'm getting quite worried that this will be long term x


Hi, I am on Zoladex now. Before when I start taking Zoladex I had some memory loss and I feel confuse somethimes.


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