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Endo and memory


Hello Ladies,

Hope everybody is well & pain free.

just a quick question but has any of you ladies gone a bit doolalah since having endometriosis.

The other night I threw the back door key in the kitchen bin. Cant remember doing it at all, I remember locking the door thats it after that is a blur. Ive tried putting the kettle in the fridge. My memory has gone to pot.

Anybody else had or has similar problems.




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Definitely. I once thought it was down to once using anti depressants for a while that my memory was bad but my short term memory is poor too I do things like that all the time, or rather I seem to go through periods of time when I do. I also feel foggy headed too. It only becomes worrying for me when it's things in the oven etc. x

I thought it was the only one feeling like this!! Your not alone as I feel the same since I took zoldex injections 4 years ago. It's hard to concentrate x

Yes absolutely. I was on lupron for several months, and after that i have been doing increasingly crazy things. The other day i redid an entire piece of work forgetting that i had already done it and mailed to the client. I still can't believe i did that. Such a waste of time and energy :(. I have just started listening to some binaural beats music to improve memory and focus, i am hoping it will help.

Yup!!! I now have to write Hingis down! As a teacher it makes life super hard. I once forgot I'd put my keys in my cars glove compartment and got really cross over it. Then I had my ex-partners keys in my pocket for 24hours and not a clue why I'd put them there... apparently I went to the car to get something, absolutely no recollection of it whatsoever. That's what makes me so frustrated about endo (and the pain) but at 26 I feel like my mind should be a sprightly fellow and it's not

It's a recognised side effect of the chemical menopause drug treatments zoladex decapertl and other GnRHs and if anyone has experienced it or other cognitive issues like brain fog , concentration etc they should absolutely report it through the yellow card scheme. It's listed as uncommon in the PIL so likely to be under reported.


Hormone fluctuations and imbalance can cause the same thing, so endo itself can cause it as it is a hormone driven immune system related disease.

Wow that's good to here I was starting to wonder if I had a memory problem. My husband gets cross at me over it and I can't seem to do anything to help. Its very brace of you to ask as I just thought it was me! Thank you x

Thank you to all the ladies that have replied back. It helps a lot it's not just me that's losing it. My other half doesn't understand he either gets cross or takes the piss. I can't do right for doing wrong.

I'm not on any hormonal treatment now.

The endometriosis specialist had to take me off zoladex as I was getting servers side effects. So now I'm just waiting for the heavy periods to start again, not been able to go out for a week again when it comes.

I'm still waiting for my operation..

I hate having endometriosis.

Thank you all again

I appreciate all your help.

Thank you

Sam 38


Oh God yes!! Ive just had to have a double glazing man

Come to my House and rip of all my window locks and put new ones on before my husband gets home as ive lost all the keys to the windows!! In this heat

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