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How long before I can drive/ go places??

I have had my ovary removed from my bowel and excision surgery. It all went well and I am home recovering. I forgot to ask the consultant how long it would be before I can drive or at least leave the house and go places with a friend. It was all done keyhole but she still said I had to have 6 weeks off work. I think this is due to the nature of my job. Any advice would be great!

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Hiya. I've recently had extensive excision surgery and was advised to wait 2 weeks before driving. I started just doing very short drives and then started building it up. In the beginning I would get sharp twinges after about 10 mins or say for instance if I drove to asda and walked around so I have been pacing myself. I'm 6 weeks now and able to do 30-40min drive before I get any twinges . Hope your recovery goes smoothly x


So long as you're able to do an emergency stop without it hurting at all, then you are safe to drive. My consultant advised me to sit in the car (no engine running) and practice emergency stops to judge when I would feel comfortable in driving. It took me 12 weeks, but I had abdominal surgery and a lot of things taken out. Hopefully it won't be that long for you. x



Some surgeons will advise you 2 weeks (laparoscopy) and 6 weeks laparotomy (open surgery). I had 4 surgeries already and never waited more than a week to drive. I used to put a pillow under my seat belt and drive. Everything depends how you feel.


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