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How long before Endo. Laparoscopy?


Hi all,

I have my pre-op appointment with the gynaecologist regarding laparoscopy next month, but I was wondering what the average wait time is from pre-op consultation to the laparoscopy?

Thanks so much in advance!

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Every health board/hospital has different timescales. After a pre-op they have 12 weeks to do it or it needs to be re-done. Ask when you have pre op or your Gyne should give you a rough idea x

Thank you for your response! :) much appreciated!

May I ask, where you had the procedure done? I live in Cornwall so I'm assuming it will happen at Trileske hospital as that's where they have their endometriosis department.

Hi I am in Scotland.


I had to wait two years to have my pre-op but depending on your symptoms etc I had my operation 2days later and the only reason as to why it was two days was to make sure they had the correct blood group incase something went wrong.

Although saying that my friend waiting 6days and my mum waited 11days.. I think they try to be as quick as they can with it..


Hello :)

Would you be able to tell me what you mean by having the correct blood group? Does that happen, if you don't know you're blood type?

It's nice to know it can happen quite quickly.

May I ask, where you had the procedure done? I live in Cornwall so I'm assuming it will happen at Trileske hospital as that's where they have their endometriosis department.


I went to see a consultant and they wanted to do the op a week later because I agreed to be part of the Pre-Empt trial, where they have to do it within 4 weeks x

E-JSmith in reply to Hidden

Thanks so much fro letting me know!

: )

E-JSmith in reply to Hidden

May I ask, where you had the procedure done? I live in Cornwall so I'm assuming it will happen at Trileske hospital as that's where they have their endometriosis department.

Yeah I’m up by Liverpool and ormskirk was the closest to me so I had it done there.. I went in at half 7 and came home at 5 the same day! X

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Mine was in Birmingham, only certain hospitals do the trials so might be worth looking into x

Hi I’m having mine done at Treliske next week , had my appointment with gynaecologist at start of November and was told 4 month wait for laparoscopy so quite pleased to be booked in already. Will let you know how it all goes, good luck hope you don’t have to wait too long.

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Hello. Thanks for replying : ). I hope yours went well and you are healing well.

Please do let me know how it goes :)


Chezzerl in reply to E-JSmith

Hi E-J

All went well and have to say can’t fault any of the nursing and theatre staff at treliske.

They found endo on my uterosacral ligaments, ovaries and pouch of Douglas so have been referred to endo clinic to discuss further surgery and other options in a few weeks.

Feel a bit sore and bloated but not as bad as I thought I Might feel so that’s a bonus.

Good luck with your op , will keep u posted

Take care 👍

E-JSmith in reply to Chezzerl

That's great to know! How are you feeling now?

Also, I have two queries:

1) when you had ur meeting with the consultant gynae, did u have a manual pelvic exam. Mine was extremely painful and traumatic. The doctor didn't even say what all the stuff was supposed to be confirming. I had to look it up online later. I had the metal speculum and then some long metal thing they put in my vagina. Then, he did the one with his fingers and pressed on my abdomen but that was some excuriating pain! Then afterwards he just said that the uterus and eveything surrounding it looked and felt normal but that I may still have endo in other areas.

So I still decided said yes go ahead with the laparoscopy and if endo is present to have it removed.

2) Did u receive a letter a few days later asking you to do a nasal and groin swabs for a MRSA screening?


Yes the gynae I saw did a vaginal examination but I was not told this would be done in advance but she did explain some of what she was checking for when she was pressing down on my abdomen and internally, she did tell me she only found some tenderness but no lumps etc but like yourself I still felt it worth going ahead with laparoscopy and am glad I did now

They did a groin swab for the Mrsa at that appointment, shame they didn’t do that for you

Hope not too long a wait for your laparoscopy now

E-JSmith in reply to Chezzerl

Hi Chezzerl,

Thanks so much for letting me know. Yeah I think it makes a difference when you have a doctor that makes the time to explain what will happen and why they need to do it and everything in between haha! But yeah, I understand they're only human too so thank God they explained a little and then I have others like you who can provide further details and experience. : )

Yeah I got a letter in the mail saying 6-7 months waiting list for routine procedures (whatever routine means for them), but I spoke with the scheduling person and they said it could be by March so hopefully it'll be whenever it's meant to be : ).


E-JSmith in reply to Chezzerl

Btw, may I ask where your endo was found and the severity of it?


Yes no problems they told me they found fibroid and endo on my left ovary , and endo on my pouch of Douglas and both uterosacral ligaments they said it was moderate to severe

I have got follow up appointment with endo specialist next week so will know what plan is for further surgery etc and will keep you posted 👍


How are you doing

Had follow up appointment with specialist Endo nurse last week

She was so lovely and such a relief to finally have acceptance of the amount of pain I’ve been struggling with for over 10 years

Next stage is to see endo consultant surgeon

Then they will operate in around 9 months time to remove as much endo as possible

They said is long wait as there has to be a bowel surgeon there too as they also found endo on my bowel

So guess will just have to be patient now

Let me know how u get on x

E-JSmith in reply to Chezzerl

Hi Chezzerl!

Doing well thank you! Just a bit exhausted here and there. Thanks for the update and I'm so glad everything has gone well! So just to clarify, this will be your second laparoscopy correct?

I've been looking up natural remedies to rebalance hormones and reduce and relieve endo pains and severe inflammation it causes. Magnesium and a tissue salt called Mag Phos. I'd look into it more and I'll let you know what I continue to find as well! If you have a Natural Store (Falmouth, Helston and St. Austell). Yarrow is another good herb and Agnus Castus. Look them up. Nature Aid brand do a PremEze one that has Agnus Castus in it and A. Vogel rand has oral drops.

I'm still waiting for my letter to give me a date. Had my gnae appointment with the endo consultant/surgeon almost 1 month ago. On the letter it gave me it said 4-6 weeks from that date to see when my date would be...I think haha.

Thanks for checking in on me I really appreciate it!



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