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What next after bowel resection

I had a mirena coil fitted 5 years ago. In October 2013 the pain came back. Last June I had a lap n was diagnosed with stage 4 endo with severe adhesions on my bowel. I was put on prostap and the pain went. In June I am due to have a bowel resection with a (hopefully) tempory loop illeostomy. I still have the mirena fitted but this didn't solve the pain from October to June when I went on prostap. Any one any ideas of what I could try next. (I ran the pill back to back before the coil to no success)

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Hi Catt

Sorry to hear about your forthcoming surgery. I had lap and radical removal of endo on my bowel a few months ago and they thought I would also need the same as you but managed to escape it. Still have ongoing issues though so awaiting further investigations under bowel surgeon now. My gynae has said that if my endo pain returns he would try the mini pill next as I'm in my 40s maybe they will suggest this for you? Good luck with it all x


Oooo maybe that's an option. I haven't had kids yet so hopping to preserve all I can. Let me know if you get any progress. Good luck x


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