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Bleeding whilst taking pill back to back!


Hi all I have been taking the pill back to back for nearly 2 months now I've not missed one and always take it on time, I don't know if it's related or just coincidence but I had sex on Sat morn an hour later I was bleeding and have been ever since with no sign of it slowing down if it was my normal period by day six it would be down to barely nothing but I'm on day seven now and it's still coming! Should I be worried or is this the normal breakthrough bleeding I read on the leaflet am seeing the doc next week. Im just not sure if I should stop taking the pill or carry on. Michelle x

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Hi, I had this problem. I was on various different pills over 14yrs. I'd bleed sometimes after sex which lasted like a period. Sometimes it can take some settling down. You've only been on it 2 weeks so I'd say keep at it, but def mention it to gp. The pills worked for me regarding the pain so, as annoying as it was (as I just never knew when I was going to bleed) I stuck with it. After a couple of yr on each pill the bleeding would become more frequent and more painful (endo pain would slowly return) and my gp would give me a break then try a new one. If you're not prepared to keep at it, have you thought about the mirena coil? Again for me, this was the same as taking the pill, but had a great 2yr on it with minimal bleeding. Everyone has different experiences, good and bad, so it's about finding what's best for you. Good luck hun xx

Hey don't worry this happens I tri-cycle the pill I've done it for years. The break through bleed varies sometimes I can get through 10 weeks & I break through but at the moment I can't even get passed 10 days & I've just started. I'm really bad at the moment tho no surprise.

I generally stop the pill the start again one week later. Sometimes I think the body just needs to bleed as much as we try & stop it xx

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