dizzy.. pressure on left leg, bloated

Hi I posted once before about all my symptoms and what I experience.. and still no result at the doctors, even went back and they gave me another ultra sound scan , and nothing is wrong.. in every part of my body... but I am still having the pain, esp my left side, which I mentioned in my last message.

I am worrying now is dizzyiness apart of on of the symptoms of Endometriosis, as I am experiencing it more and more.. my stomach gets bloated and I have pain that shoots down my left leg, which is where most of my pain is in my left ovary.. it also feels pressure down my left leg... when is this happening I get dizzy and feel sick.. I sometimes get bad mirgraines... I am really scaried and I just don't know who to talk to about all this and the symptoms I experience .. Thank you so muchxxx

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  • I was diagnosed with endo 5 years ago, but only after a laparoscopy. Unfortunately it is not normally visible on an ultrasound which is why if you do have endometriosis they have not found it. With regards to the dizzyness, I do find that I get quite dizzy just before my period and I can also feel nautious. I also get shooting pains, particularly if I stand up too quickly. I have recently been diagnosed with IBS which makes my stomach very bloated. Unfortunately endo can manifest itself as IBS especially if the endometriosis is around the bowel walls. I found it very useful to keep a diary of all my symptoms. Once I did this it was quite clear that my pain etc was in line with my monthly cycle. It was then much easier to discuss with my GP and then gyny consultant as I went in armed with all my problems as it is so easy to forget everything when you are in the doctors surgery.

  • Thank you for your kind reply x. when I first started to experience this in March 2012 , I was sent for an ultrasound and they said everything was fine so I took there word and just thought I was being selfish and stupid. so just been dealing it since then. but in February this year I started to get chest pain/temple pain on my left side when I had pain on my left ovary, which was shooting down my left. I went back and they said nothing and it was just hormones. It went back again in May as I started to get pain beside my belly button, as well as the other symptoms I was experiencing, as I thought I might of been something else, and they sent me for the second ultra sound scan and said everything seem find and was given anti inflammatory tablets to try, which helps a little but I am still in pain. and experiencing scary symptoms. sorry if I have gone on.. thank you for you kindnessx

  • I had two vaginal ultrasounds by two different doctors who both said they could see nothing wrong and that my ovaries looked fine! Alas when I had my lap they discovered endo on the ligaments, behind both ovaries and my right ovary had stuck to my abdominal wall! I think the scans are pretty useless at detecting endo. My symptoms were extreme fatigue, lower back pain, groin pain when sitting down for long periods! Unfortunately my lap was done in feb and I can feel all these symptoms slowly creeping back!

  • Thank you for you kind replyx They said the same to me after my second ultra sound scan. but like you I can notice when I lye down my left ovary seems to stick out, very noticeable.

    I am sorry you are experiencing pain again after having an lapxxx

  • hi there. I also had 2 completely clear ultrasound scans and then had a laparoscopy which found endo in the area between my uterus and bowel. I had really bad pain pretty much all the time and also dizziness, extreme fatigue, bloating and diarrhoea. I also get migraines - I always have had them - but as the abdominal pain started to increase, so it seemed did the migraines until I was getting them a two or three times per week. Perhaps this was due to stress or hormones. I had a laparoscopic surgery a couple of months ago and the pain is now far better. I am still very dizzy and tired but having more tests for that. The dizziness may be caused by anaemia due to heavy bleeding, or you may have a vitamin deficiency of some kind. Keep pushing for the laparoscopy. Your doctor should know that endo often doesn't show up on ultrasound, and if they don't know this, ask to change doctors until you find one who is more up to speed on the condition. Good luck and hang in there. Xx

  • Hi, thank you for your kind replyx I experience the symptoms you spoke about, and even get chest/temple pain on my left side which is where I get most of my pain from my left ovary/left leg. I was told all I was experiencing was hormones esp after my second ultra sound showed nothing was wrong. I seem to get the dizziness before I know I am due and temple pain at the left side of my head. I don't know what else I cam say to my doctor, I told all my symptoms. I just feel so stupid and selfish, I think they think I am making it up and wasting their time.

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