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Prostap injection, how has it affected you!?

I'm coming up to my 4th out of 6 injections soon, and so far so good. Although i'm still experiencing back pain & pain when I open my bowels so I'm not thinking them two things aren't related to my endo at all. As every other symptom has basically vanished! I have hot flushes which are really horrible, heart palpitations, dizziness, fatigue. But I can handle all that rather than what I was experiencing.

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Hi I'm on my 4th out of 6 injection exactly the same as you apart from day after my injection i have a migraine from hell acid reflux, horrible sick feeling then next day I'm full if beans.lol. hot flushes are at their worst first 3 days of injection and when it's wearing off. But could be worse better than pain, just dreading when it comes to a end my periods come back little worried!! Sex life has took a nose dive must be the menopause symptoms. Good luck x


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