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Coming off treatment to try to conceive

Hi - I'm new here, but was diagnosed with endo back in 2010 when I was 21, I had the mirena coil fitted during surgery and then about 6 months later started taking Yasmin contraceptive pill back to back. I've been doing that the last few years and only get some minor niggles and the odd bad day. I haven't had a proper period for years and have been able to actually get on with life and get married.

Thing is, I want to start trying for a baby but I am petrified. I stopped taking Yasmin just over 2 weeks ago and feel exhausted with regular headaches. I have had some spotting and cramps but nothing major yet. I'm just wondering when I should have the coil removed? Should I wait a little longer until the pill has gone out of my system or does it not really matter?

How long after stopping hormone treatment did you wait until you actively started trying to conceive? Do I need to wait until I get my first proper period? I'm not even sure how I'll know, when the bleeding and cramps are worse and last longer than 2 days then maybe I'll take that as a period.

Just looking for a little advice from anyone who's been through something similar?

I've been referred to a good gynaecologist in Cardiff and the appointment is in July, I'm not sure whether to have the coil removed before I meet with him and then discuss next steps, or whether I should wait on doing anything at all until I've met with him. I just don't want to put off trying for a baby, I've been told I might have trouble because of where the endo is, and it's been over a year since my last surgery and I know best chances are 6 months to a year after surgery and I've already passed that mark and don't have any other surgeries planned for the time being.

Any help would be appreciated!



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Hi Lolley,

I too am being treated at Cardiff, and around the same age (26) and similar situation, ttc for 1 year now. I've had diagnostic

lap and waiting to see what my consultant suggests next. Think I need surgery as the endo has infiltrated my bladder wall. Other than that all looked ok, ovaries, tubes etc, so it's frustrating that we haven't got pregnant in the last year.

When I came off the pill it took a few months for my cycle to regulate, but think it's fine to start trying straight away. Maybe easier if you have a period first coz you'll be able to track cycle length and ovulation. Hope you get some answers soon, feel free to message, always handy finding someone local, going through a similar situation. Good luck xxx


Hey Lolley.

I too found out I had endometriosis in 2010 after a laparoscopy and had the coil fitted during op. I can't say I really got on with having the coil, but I wanted to try to stop the regrowth speed. Why are you using the pill with coil?

Like you, we want kids but decided to get married first.

I had the coil removed in Feb 2013 and we started trying straight away. I'm sure I've heard that your hormones go back to normal on removal, but with the pill it can take up to 6 months. Saying that though, they also say sometimes when you first come off the pill, it's the best time to try as your hormones are all over the place!!

As I've always had irregular periods, I started a diary and started doing digital ovulation tests. I wanted to have some idea of what my body was doing when and then, if I had to discuss it months down the line, I would be able to refer to my diary.

6 months down the line and no success on the baby front, we went to my GP to discuss our options. We were referred back to the gyne who did my op and after seeing him, he suggested another laparoscopy and dye test which was done in September 2013-all ok. We've been continuing to try with the assistance of 6 months of clomid and still nothing.....he said our next stage would be IVF referral.

I'm 35, so you are quite a bit younger than me, but what I would say is if you want and are ready for kids then try ASAP, but make sure you enjoy your life as you can become obsessed.

Each dr works in slightly different ways, but you'd be surprised how quickly the time flies by, even though you are wishing and counting every month!!

It's not cheap, but see if you have any local recommended reflexology specialists near you-there are good reviews for people trying to get pregnant, as it can help balance your body levels.

Good luck and don't be scared x


Hi Joey,

It's nice to hear from someone local in the same position, can I ask who you're under in Cardiff? I was under Newport but moved to Rhondda Cynon Taff. Liz Bruen the Endo Nurse Practitioner suggested I be referred to Cardiff as it's a better team and I have an outpatients appointment with Mr Penketh coming up in July, I've heard he's very good. I think I will wait until my first period just so I know what's going on with ovulation times etc, I'm dreading that first period! My last surgery was May last year, there wasn't much more endometriosis but my ovary and bowel were stuck together again and some adhesions had reformed. I've been told that because I've had endometriosis patches on the one ovary it could have an effect on conceiving, I don't know whether there's been any regrowth in the last year, but it's suspected it's invaded my bowels as well. I've heard that the waiting lists in Cardiff for laparoscopies can take up to 18 months!

Hi Hayles,I've also heard that you can try straight away after having the mirena removed but the pill can take longer to regulate. I was on both which was suggested by my Dr a few years ago, although I've never heard of anyone else using both at the same time. I'm just not sure whether to have the mirena removed now and start trying, or wait a little longer until the pill has worked its way out of my system. I'm very keen to have children, I've always wanted them young, even before I knew I had endometriosis, but I am really hoping it doesn't take forever to conceive. I keep saying I won't put pressure on myself and I won't get disappointed if it doesn't happen straight away, but I guess that's impossible. I agree with you on not becoming obsessed and still trying to enjoy life, I don't want it to be a miserable time. I am just so worried my pain will come back and that sex will be painful so it won't be something to enjoy at all! I also worry about miscarrying, I have fears that my cramps will stop me being able to carry a baby, I just get so paranoid about everything, I guess I need to be more positive!

Thanks for the tip on reflexology, I've heard about this being good so I think I might look in to it.

Is there any particular diet or exercise regime that can help with conceiving? x


Why don't you get them ovulation kits to test your ovulation days and try it that way lovey!! Keep ya chin up, and try not to be too down!! X


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