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Post-Surgery Trying to Conceive

Hi! I've never posted on a forum before, I've stalked and read health blogs for the last four years on my way to an official endo diagnosis. I already feel such a sense of relief joining a forum and taking part.

I'm now four weeks post surgery, and its been a month of highs and lows. I'm so hopeful that things might be better now, less pain, maybe shorter periods.

I would be very grateful for some advice. Me and my husband have been trying to have a baby for about 8 months, but in truth we didn't make the most effort every month. I've been going through the most horrendous, challenging ups and downs with my emotions (I suspect it may be PMDD) that its been hard to prioritise TTC. Now I've had the surgery, I tried to push for my doctor to test my ovarian reserve, but he said I need to try for at least a year before I can be referred to a fertility clinic.

Through this journey to getting a diagnosis and getting help, I've got so confused as to when to not take no for an answer and when to just accept and wait. I do believe there is a time for both. I know in normal circumstances, you should try for a year before seeking help, but when you know there is something wrong, should you not be seen sooner? Is there anything that they would do anyway other than wait and see post surgery if I conceived naturally?

I'd love to hear from you if you've been through this process. If I knew that there was nothing to be done, than maybe I could just relax and accept its just a time to try, wait and see.

Thank you in advance, just knowing there is this network of women out there with the same conditions to share with and support each other is incredible x

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Hi bryonyJane,

If you have just had surgery then you are more likely to conceive naturally. I would view this as month one, it’s like your body has had a reset. To help, make sure you have sex every two to three days throughout the month. You can also start using ovulation tests to check you are ovulating each month but don’t wait until you get a positive on these before trying as you might miss the moment!

However, if you don’t conceive in the next four months and are worried then you can go to the GP and ask for a referral to a subfertility clinic and get the first basic tests done. Just don’t mention that you weren’t trying that hard in the first eight months! Incidentally, if you’re over 35 you can see your GP after six months of trying.

I first went to my GP in the April and the tests were not complete until October as it does take time. In my area, you have to have tried for two years before they will then refer you on for ivf but this will vary from area to area. An ovarian reserve test is not all that useful as even if it comes back ok it doesn’t tell you how long it will be ok, but if you really want one then you can pay privately for them, either at an ivf clinic or there are places that advertise on groupon or similar sites. I’ve not used these so cant comment on what they are like but I have seen the ads.

I really think that you are in with a chance of natural conception if you start properly trying now you’ve had your op xx

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Oh my god, Lizzie, thank you. I can't tell you how much it helps to have a reply. Not just for the advice, but for having some reassurance. I've been such an emotional mess this past month especially.

It does already feel like my body has reset, after the pain of the surgery passed, I definitely felt better, less pain, fewer aches and it might even have shortened my periods and stopped the spotting for the first time in years (if this first period if how they will continue).

Its wonderful for to feel hopeful, thank you x




I conceived first cycle after my lap; I had a diagnosis of endometriosis after ttc 5 years and 10 months so i know how frustrating it is. I did miscarry but it was still progress; we never thought we could conceive. Unfortunately the endometriosis in my case returned and after a second lap I’ve been referred to an endo specialist whom I’m seeing Wednesday 😁 for us the endo was the cause of the infertility ; hope it’s the same for you now it’s treated you’ll conceive.

Good luck hope to hear happy news soon from you 💕💕💕


Jess, my heart goes out to you dear. That must have been awful for you, you are incredibly strong and brave and you are right, if conception is possible that is half the battle. Having the right support and the right specialists is a huge leap forward and I wish for you that its a success, good luck for Wednesday, and likewise, I'll be watching for happy news xxx

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Maybe ask your gp if they can run some of the basic tests, my gp was fab and tested me every month on particular days to check I was ovulating and that my prolactin was okay etc while I was waiting for my fertility referral. I had been ttc for over two years by that point but it's worth asking.

I too have been told that successful surgery can improve your chances of conceiving naturally so fingers crossed for you. Did they check the general health of the Fallopian tubes when you were under? I found out both of mine were blocked so we underwent ivf as soon as I was recovered.


Hi, Thank you for your reply! I hadn't thought to ask about that. My doctor is really lovely and trying really hard, but he knows next to nothing about endo or fertility. I guess endo might be causing all sorts of issues with ovulation, so it could be something that he's willing to follow up on through ovulation tests. He's been reluctant to do anything without referring to the gynaecologist, he says he wouldn't know how to read the results without help so it wouldn't be worth doing the tests.

They did a dye test when I was having surgery and found one tube to be totally fine and one partially blocked. The doctor who performed the surgery didn't say anything about the implications of this, and has been encouraging when she talks about our chances of conceiving naturally.

Do you mind me asking, what was the process like once you saw the fertility specialist? Is it just a matter of testing to see how your hormones are behaving?

Thank you xxxx


Hi, my process was probably a little different from yours as my endo was only found through the fertility clinic. I went to see my gp with concerns Nov 2016, she did initial tests while my referral was being processed, sent husband for semen analysis (Jan 2017) and referred me to clinic (as I said I had already been ttc for over 2 years at this point). She brought me in every month for blood tests as initially prolactin was high so also sent for MRI on the brain, thankfully that was clear. Got my first appt at fertility clinic in Feb 2017, went through all GP results, more tests done, trans vaginal scan performed and one large cyst was noted and initially dismissed endo as looked like a dermoid cyst so sent for another MRI. It was only at this MRI that they noted it was endo and I actually had three cysts affecting both ovaries. Back to clinic over the next few months to discuss results, told I needed lap for diagnosis and ablation before I could even be put on ivf waitlist. After much research, I chose to go private for lap with endo specialist who did excision rather than with the fertility gynae. This was performed in August 2017 and I started a private cycle of ivf in Nov 2017, which in January was successful. The waitlist for ivf where I live was a year plus in September, there was a possibility of scrapping all nhs rounds which is the reason we did a private cycle first. It's been a tough year of arguing for tests and lots and lots of research but it's certainly worth fighting for yourself as doctors are very easy to dismiss you esp when it concerns endo due to a lack of specialist knowledge. Best of luck. If you have any questions, let me know xx


Hi I had sugery after waiting six years to be diagnosed stage 4 endo told never have children as the extent of endo was horrendous they said!well did he get that wrong I say about 8 months after sugery I conceived. I used vitamin e and nuts and seeds on my next 2 pregnancy s as my hormones where everywhere my last pregnancy was at 39 so never give up hope ☺🤞I will keep my fingers crossed for you😚you will laugh when I found out I was pregnant 1 time I did 8 tests !!just couldn' believe .so I hope you to have a bundle of joy soon xx


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