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Pain relief?!?

Hi Ladies, hope you are all well.

Since my pain is back just as bad as before the lap and only the strongest painkillers work for me, a friend of mine suggested an TENs machine to help deal with the pain.

I only know one person who has a TENs machine and she got it for labour but didn't use it.

Has anyone ever used one of these for severe period pains and if so does it work?

I'd love to find proper relief for this pain and I've tried four different types of poll and none of them have worked unfortunately.

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I have a tens machine and think it works for me.


I used a TENS machine along with pain relief and antispasmodics prior to my hysterectomy and found it really helped. Ask your GP surgery if they have one that you can try out. I did this prior to buying one. You can also get them VAT free if your GP signs the order form. Good luck


Yes! Best thing i have for my endo! Im surprised not many people have replied, so many ladies on here have them.

My advice is get one with 4 paddles then you can have it on for lower back pain and pelvic pain at same time. Get one with a belt clip so you can be mobile. The slightly more expensive ones are a bit better in that they deliver a smoother impulse so not as painful. It takes a little while get used to. They are great if you are fed up taking drugs and helped me reduce the amount i used. I sometimes leave mine on for 24 hours then my pain is a lot better the next couple of days.

Good luckxxx


Thanks for the replies.

They are safe to have on like at work aren't they? I hate how the pain constantly effects my work, I work in a nursery and the pain means I'm not at my full and I feel I need to sit alot and his want to lie on the floor and writhe in pain. Lol.

I'm going to make a doctors appointment in Friday to get their opinion on the TENS machine and possibly see what else they can do to find out what it is that's causing the pain.

Take care all x


I have used a tens for back it works very well. I also take morphine and tramodol. The tens helps me to cut down on medication


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