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Urine infection


I am very new to this, I was diagnosed with early stages of endometriosis 1 year ago. At the moment I am suffering with what I thought a urine infection just constant dragging feeling it's awful I sit in the bath for over a hour just to ease it, but when tested my urine it's clear . So are this symptoms related to endometriosis ? Is this something I will start getting every month?

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A bath won't help, especially if you have bubble bath etc in it will just irritate you more. Obviously there's the usual cranberry juice trick, but I find it better drinking a lot of water, like drink until you feel ready to explode - that helps me.

Also give down there a really good clean - I use Femfresh. I used to get urine infections all the time but haven't had one in years of using femfresh


Yer I know not to put anything in . The thing is it feels like urine infection but my urine is testing clear. ! Just got this horrible sensation 😢


Drink lots of water, don’t use any soaps down there, it will mess with ur ph. Baths are also not a good idea, pop to the chemists and get some sachets for cystitis - if it doesn’t clear up within the timeframe then see ur dr again xx


I find some of my milder symptoms are very similar to urine infection symptoms. In the early days when my symptoms started I went to doctor numerous times thinking I had a UTI (I've been prone to them since I was a teenager) but it kept coming back clear. Overtime my symptoms got worse and I was diagnosed with endometriosis just over a month ago. Could be best to see how it goes over the next couple of months and speak to your doctor about it.x


Thank you. I have been diagnosed about 8 months with early stages of endometriosis. He did say to me that I will start getting worst. He recommended me to have the coil but I really worried what to do , I have heard lots of bad stuff. I am 43 with 3 children. I was hoping I wasn't going to start getting symptoms so soon, my last period the second day was so heavy I just couldn't keep up with it 😢.


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