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Does a laparoscopy delay your cycle?

Hi there, I had a laparoscopy 2 weeks ago for excision and diathermy of moderate infiltrating endo. I was due on my period 5 days ago, but it still hasn't arrived. I have been experiencing some pelvic and back pain, which I know is normal when you get your first period after a lap but is it normal for it to be delayed and to be having pain when it hasn't started? It's annoying because I have been preparing myself for it but don't know whether it will skip it altogether? Thanks, Kate x

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Yes all surgery - regardless of what it is for - can mess up the menstrual cycle for anything up to a couple of years.

Your period will return when it's ready too, but expect it to be heavier and possibly more painful than normal because you are still wounded and healing inside. Have painkillers on standby at all times.

Some pains will be part and parcel of healing from the op and unrelated to a period. Just from bruising and swelling and that side of things.

You period may be skipped or just a week or 2 or 3 weeks late. It very much depends on the stage of your normal cycle that was interrupted by the surgery, drugs and general anaesthetic. It can take some time to settle too, so it wouldn't be unusual to have several short period gaps or several long ones between periods or a bit of both and very erratic periods.

You can take BC Pills which may help regulate the cycle back to a more normal timescale if that helps you plan things.


Thanks for this, guess Ill wait and see. My consultant has told me to try cerazette back to back for three months, but nervous as all other hormone treatments have really affected my moods. Will give it a go though x


I had a laparoscopy last week and my period was due a few days after. I thought I would see a delay but it came on time. I have heavy periods anyway so I didn't notice any difference to the flow or level of pain.


Yes, I had a laparoscopy at the beginning of march and was two and a half weeks late for my cycle, but had other pain before.


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