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laparoscopy delay, Help!

I met with the consultant in October and was told that my diagnostic operation for possibly endometriosis would be in February, I phoned the hospital in January and was told It was more likely to be March , I phoned this week and have now been told it will be another 20weeks and that I should of never been told a month.

I am so annoyed as im in constant daily pelvic pain and also sciatica and it is effecting my social life and also my work. Im wondering if anyone knows whether I am able to apply for medical insurance and have my laparoscopy through that or whether if I paid private how much it costs and what is the procedure?

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I just wrote this on someone else's thread, thank god for cut copy and paste,

I paid to see a private endo consultant in December, for a second opinion, as my support group all rave that he is fabulous. He has booked me in for a lap at the end of march to do full excision on my endo and if necessary a hysterectomy. He is doing this at the private hospital through nhs . My old gynae on the nhs couldn't see me till April by then I should be on road to recovery. Spending £200 to see private consultant was well worth it .

Also if you go on nhs website and go to search bar put in pal it stand for patients advice and liaison , you can contact them for advice, I can't see how they can expect you to wait another 20 weeks. Bloody crazy , good luck xxx


Thanks very much can I ask roughly how much your lap is costing? x


It isn't costing anything, he is treating me at the private hospital but on nhs, I saw him mid December and my lap is end of March, he had to get a referral from my gp. But I paid to see him privately rather than wait for a nhs date to come through, speeds things up. Personally if I were you, I would contact the pal people first, where abouts are you ??? X


If I saw a private consultant would they speed up my lap as currently its in July and they are only fast tracking cancer patients x



All my endo treatment has been private as I have private medical insurance through work. Timescales still depends on the consultants waiting list etc but it is much much quicker than Nhs and they will offer you dates to choose from so you get much more say. I have had 3 private laps (1 diagnostic and 2 operative laps for extensive removal of endo) and ive never waited longer than 2 weeks for the surgery. Costs vary but my diagnostic lap with consultation, 1 scan and follow up apt was about £1800, it shouldn't be more than £2500 really if they do scans etc as well. My other 2 laps came in about £9000 together (it was 1 job done across 2 surgeries) but they were big ops with Gynae and colorectal surgeons and I was in a private hospital for quite a few days both times whereas a diagnostic lap is typically day surgery.

I would suggest trying the other option of seeing a private Gynae an then getting the op on the Nhs but it may not always speed it up, would completely depend on the specific consultants waiting list x


I have had to get my doctor to write a letter along with myself writing to the consultants stating the problems and the impact on my life.

I hope this helps as I am now down as an urgent case so instead of having to wait years i should have my op within a few months


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