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Painful Sex/Positions & laparoscopy in 2 weeks :/


I wanted to know what sex positions hurt you the most? Because since the beginning of my sex life Doggy style is the worst and Butterfly pinterest.com/pin/124200902... and the Clip position sofeminine.co.uk/relationsh...

are the worst for me! I have to stop and then cry for hours because of the pain! I wanted to know if everyone is similar to me or if you have different positions that hurt? sorry to be so blunt but it helps knowing if more people are the same as me! I also have my laparoscopy in 2 weeks and wanted to know what tips you have for before and after and what I should take?? Thanks so much for your help!!!

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Hi Amberm,

Yep, I'm exactly the same! The only one that's relatively comfortable is missionary. Although it's nearly 2month since we've been able to to that.

Try taking a strong painkiller (whatever works for you- tramadol used to help me at the beginning) a good 30 min before, and see how you get on. If it hurts in the slightest, stop! The pain afterward will only be worse if you try to persevere.

With regards the lap, you should be seeing a nurse who will advise you on what med u can take before. Usually nothing if you're only on over the counter meds. You'll probably be sore for a couple of days. More if they do any treatment. Again, you'll be given painkillers from hospital to help you through afterwards. And take it easy. It's really not bad though at all. I can imagine you've been through worse pain! Good luck, hope you get some answers xx


Thanks you shellbell84! Makes me feel like I'm normal and not alone in all of this! When it goes on long enough and people tell you it's all in your head you start to belive it :(


Hi amberm, I'm exactly the same especially with doggy style, it became unbearable in the end. Although we've found a new position that works well (not sure what it's called) it's like doggy style but you lay flat on your front. Don't ask me why, but it works for me!

Good luck with your lap. Mine was not so long ago and my best advice that I wish I knew before is to take some senokot before you have it, I had endo removed from my bowel and suffered with horrendous constipation after I guess because of the healing and swelling inside. I'd also say get in some peppermint tea or peppermint water to help get rid of the uncomfortable gas afterwards. Best of luck, I hope it helps you.x


I can't even have sex. I am 20 I tried to have sex with my boyfriend but I was in so much pain. It was my first time but I tried again a few weeks later and same again we could do it. He has now left be because of it.


Thank you all for you input and I'm sorry jamie93 that he left but your obviously to good for him! You need to find someone who will be patient and understanding x


Do you know i thought i was the only one that it hurt doing Doggy Style! Try laying on your back with him on the side, Isn't painful at all, one of the only ones that i find doesn't hurt! x


Doggy is the worst for me also! Missionary is better as long as be truly understands the pain and knows to be careful. Have you tried "spoons" (don't know the real name for it). Anything that limits the depth of penetration! Does it put ou off sex altogether? I am just waiting for the pain so can honestly say it has ruined sex for me.


Kind of I think a lot of it can be physiological but I try to stay in the moment and forget about it, but afterwards is the worst feeling sick and pain for up to 24 hours :( also bleeding afterwards! I have been trying to find different positions but the ones worst for me are better for him :( x


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