Painful sex

Hi there..this is just a qwick question..ive been having quite painful sex for the past 4 years with hubby and having quite alot of other issues alomg with it without being diagnosed with anything...finally! Drs think it may b endometriosis anfd r sending me for a diagnostic laproscopy...and i guess im just 2nd guessing myself amd want to hear i dont have it...but is it normal to sometimes have really painful sex but other times for it to be ok??

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  • No, u have endo

  • Good luck with your lap yeah you can have spells of pain free sex Hun well i can, because of the other issues you and your husband are having could you be tense and worried that intercourse it's going to be painful and rather than being able to relax and enjoy your tense and worried Hun, may it be an idea to talk to someone either you alone or as a couple which may help your husband understand what you going through and the pain, stress and worry. All we all need is support and unfortunately if we ain't getting it at home it can be very difficult to function and feel good about our selves. Sorry if I'm rambling I'm tired sore and yet again can't slee 👎 good luck and here if you want to chat and rant sometimes good to speak to a stranger lol xxxxxx

  • thank you for replying Deb1511..i feel that recently in the last few months ive gotten a lot worse pain wise..but then all of a sudden this month I'm getting the wee aches and pains but nothing major like I normally do so I don't know if that still means if I have endo and if I should even bother with the lap...does that make sense?? I don't know if thts me being a chicken at the thought of getting it done or not thou lol...

    how r u feeling now? I hope ur day and nite r easier today..

  • Sorry for delay in reply I have been sore tired and no energy Hun, this totally makes sense this week had been my best week then got period as they suggested I have a break from my pill for seven days not as painful as normal though very heavy got pre op appointment through and was thinking the same that was until today I went to toilet and was passing huge lumps of what looked like skin, I called gp got emergent appointment for her to check it as I managed to keep it on toilet paper to be told it's was the lining of my uterus and she thinks it fibroids instead of endo I'm so confused so tired and chicken of anesthetic like you Hun how you feeling and sorry again for late reply xxxx

  • I used to pass skin like lumps aswell on a break from my pill too I was on the progesterone only pill but have since stopped taking it and never passed a skin like lump again?? x

  • I'm sorry roque if my question offended you in any way..but the reason I asked was for some insight into if it was normal or not..if i went to my Dr every time I had a question then I'd be there every single day..websites like this r made for people to ask questions about others experiences and to learn more about what others r going thro so they don't feel alone...and as for being told if I have an std what's the big deal?? I know I don't I've only had 1 partner and he's only ever had me and to be even more sure I've been tested for to be honest I really don't mind if someone is trying to help me out

  • Hi there,

    It can be normal to have painful sex.. I recently went to see my Doctor with painful sex and lower abdominal pains and he asked me a variety of questions i.e. number of sexual partners, went I lost my virginity, if I am small down there and if my partner was bigger than average... these can all be contributing factors to painful sex.

    I have also in the past been referred to a psychologist to see if was a mental thing i.e. it's hurt once and now I could be thinking that it will hurt every time so I prepare myself for the pain by tensing. However I have worked through that and now I don't believe that this was the problem.

    The doctor didn't mention that I have endo, but he diagnosed me with thrush and told me to come back in 2 weeks if the pain still occurs then the next step would be swabs.

    Hope this helps!

  • I had painful sex but with lots of other symptoms. Endo was removed off my uterus and now I don't have pain during or after at all. I used to get thrush constantly but haven't had it since the lap in October which is a relief. Also found I was tensing and dreading the pain all the time. After the lap I was so worried it would be the same and waited about 4 weeks. I feel normal again in that respect. Hope you get sorted.

  • I understand completed how you feel as I have this to I have days when sex can be fine and other days it can be painful but Iv had swabs blood tests lap confirmed my endo and also my pouch of Douglas was glued to my womb with aheadions but my swabs came back clear which I knew they wild as been with my husband for nearly four years got married this year I'm under a consultant to have to see him in January as been nearly a year and still suffering the pelvic pain and other things but trust me ur not alone as many woman suffer this I hope u feel better soon and keep your chin up xx

  • thank you for replying Niicolahunny..have you found anything that helps the pelvic pain??

    I hate it soo much =(

  • Nothing really I'm on tramadol paracetamol ibuprofen and amitryptline at night the only thing that helps is heat pads or hot water bottle xx

  • I'm the same as you. Some times it can be fine but other times it hurts. It also depends on the depth and position. I'm still waiting for a diagnosis at the moment as I have a number of other symptoms that links to Endo and due to have a laraoscopy beginning of January. Fingers crossed for you! Xx

  • thanks so much be getting my appointment thro soon and he said it would probs be January-feb time...will u let me know how it goes?? and good luck

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