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Confused about Decapeptyl injection should I get it or not?

I’ve been bleeding for an year now and they have found there nothing wrong but thy to stop the bleeding which medication isn’t working, I’ve got the mirena coil fitted in and that hasn’t stop my bleeding and they want to give me the decapeptyl injection.. which I am unsure about to get as I don’t know if it affect me if I was going to try for a baby, or side affects.

Really confused about this

Has anyone been through the same situation or had decapeptyl would u recommend it?

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Hi there I had prostap which is similar to zoladex and decapeptyl. I too suffer heavy in bed bleeding with clots. Also previous history of chronic PID. I was on prostap at the start of last year for 3 months I got night sweats and sore breast. This year went on it again for 3 months and a whole different lot of side effects heart palps anxiety nausea depression suicidal thoughts jelly legs. I stopped at 3 injections. It's taken about 10 weeks to feel any kind of normal. I then went on the combi pill but got migraines then cerazette mini pill but as soon as the day after if starting it my pelvic pain got much worse. Now on oral provera but pain us still there. I was on 10mg 3 times a day but I'm weaning myself of it. I don't know what consequences will be probablhbheavy bleeding and more pain but hopefully that will pass. I have beenrwadingupo estrogen dominance which is what I think I have. I am going to overhaul my food and lose weight as these synthetic pills are doing me more harm than good. Also reading up on bio identical hormones and I have ordered emerita progesterone cream as a backup plan. I would not have the decapeptyl but try and get to the root of your hormone issues. Do you have endo , have you looked into the endo diet. If you don't have endo may be yoyr estrogen dominant and need to look at ypur foods and lifestyle. I'm also looking into traditional Chinese medicine. Hope some of this helps. Feel free to ask me anything x


Thanks for the reply

They did all the test and all they found was thickness lining of the womb and nothing else

I had hysteroscopy and got coil fitted in an I was told to have Provera 10 day before the appointment and my bleeding stop cuz of the meds but after I had the appointment I’ve been told to carry on and have it for 1 month the medication isn’t working and my bleeding went bad they have me another meds to try for 4 days and that didn’t work either

And know they want me to get decapeptyl injection which I’m unsure to take ?


I would honestly be wary and exhaust other options first hun x


I went on decapeptyl after I had my treatment laparoscopy for Endometriosis. I had one injection a month for 3 months. I had no periods, lost a little weight, had very little endo-associated pain. I did suffer with severe sweats, at night and during the day. Hot flashes too. I believe the injection puts you into a menopause kind of state, so a lot of the symptoms of the menopause apply to the injection. I for one found it to be effective, Once I had stopped having it, I got my period again 11 weeks later. It was painful as I hadn't experienced that pain for a while. Long term I'm not sure this is the right way to go, but for a short term relief, I found it worked for me.

Good luck in your journey Hunni. I hope you find some relief very soon . 💛xx


Thnks for reply really appreciate it

When did u stop taking the injection?

Did ur period go back to normal?

Because I’m on period for over a year and they want to stop that


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