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How long is the wait for keyhole surgery on nhs

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How long have people had to wait for surgery on the nhs I’ve been booked in for my 1st surgery and have been told waiting list is very long ??

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I was told 12 months at my appointment but when I got my letter which is sent to GP that advises 18-24months

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Jsrzb in reply to Nicky01-

Wow that is crazy how long we have to wait !!!

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The doctor who booked my scan said the min wait is 6 months

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I am in Manchester north west. There is limited spaces but dosent help our situation!

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I had my gyno referral on Sunday and they told me 4 months…I have had the surgery before and confirmed diagnosis of endo.

I went private the first time to fit it between uni and the whole process was very quick

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I’m in London I have been waiting for my surgery for over 12 months I have had 2 pre ops during this time giving me false hope , now been told it will not be happening until December ☹️

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I’m in Kent and I was put on the list end of November 2020 for my first surgery and only had it last week Monday. Yeah and when I called before to get an idea of waiting times I was advised 94 weeks waiting time.

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I was told 3-6 months after my Gynae at my appointment, as classed as urgent; since been told 12 months plus!Having to go private to have it (hysterectomy) sooner 😩

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I was in the emergency list last year & i waited about 4 months. Now I'm back on the list for a hysterectomy & have atleast a years wait

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I have my lap on Monday at long last. From being put on the list to having it done, it’ll be 66 weeks. My case was upgraded in priority back in January but don’t think that made much difference

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I have been waiting since November. I have been at the top of the list for months. This is for excision on what my consultant thinks is severe endo. I had my first lap in 2016 and my second on 2019. Those surgeries were both ablation.

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