In so much pain and very fed up! Buscopan??

Really hoping one of you ladies is awake... In so much pain and just don't know what I can take!

I have been banned from Paracetamol for a month due to having blood tests for my liver, so I went to the chemist for other painkillers and they prescribed me Buscopan (which is used for abdominal cramps and IBS). I can still take ibuprofen 400mg which I've been taking 2 of and it just doesn't touch the pain, was wondering if any of you knew if I could Buscopan and Ibuprofen together?

Thanks, and I hope your all feeling much better than me!!


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  • Hi I'm sorry your in so much pain:( I tried to google it but can't get a clear Answer! Try a hot water bottle and or got bath just to get you through the next few hours then as soon as your Gp surgery is open phone for an emergency appointment or even a phone consultation and ask for some pain relief. Wish I could be off more help hope you get some relief soon. Best wishes X

  • Thank you, yep I tried google but for once it didn't give a proper answer and so I've just stayed off them until I can ring a chemist to find out. I have my consultant appointment soon so will just struggle through until then. Thank you for replying though, hope your not up with pain too! X

  • Your welcome. I'm afraid so I've taken my maximum dose of painkillers for the day and still in pain so can sleep. My Gp gave me tramidol for during the night but they keep me awake so I'm either awake in pain or because the painkillers stop me from sleeping seems like I can't win . Wish their could just be a simple solution to this disease :( good luck with your appointment X

  • I took them together the other day & I seriously didn't feel right. Tramadol keeps u awake? It normally knocks me out. GP back to the GP they can give u codeine x

  • You took Buscopan and Ibuprofen together? How did it affect you? Does the Buscopan actually work though on its own? Im to the point where i'll just take anything to make the pain go away. I have tried Codeine before and that sort of works, but its usually in the form of Paracetamol and Codeine together, which I'm not allowed, and getting into the doctors within the next 3 days is like trying to win the lottery!! Xx

  • Emma-Louise call your GP & say u need to see them today u are on so much pain or u will end up in A & E. Yes I took the two together at home last week after my Lap. I felt sick, hot and extra tired but I was ok after a sleep. I won't do it again. I don't rate buscopan to be honest it's not strong enough. You can get just codeine instead of co-codamol x

  • Apparently i can't at the chemist near me, they only do Co-codamol (which has paracetamol in) over the counter not codeine. never mind! Thanks though x

  • Hi emma Louise. You may not get a GP appointment, but there's no reason why you can't put your name down and get a call back from the DR, especially as you're in so much pain. Then get the DR to advise you, they may even give you an appointment for the end of the day as they save some appointment's as emergencies.

    Lisa xx

  • Thanks Blondedia, Going to give them a ring and see if i can get in. Just feel like such a nuisance for ringing up because of period pain, but its just too much to cope with! Thanks Xx

  • It sounds like a lot worse than period pain. I re read your post, you didn't say whether you had endo or just severe period pains, have you been checked for endo?? Not sure what your situation is. X

  • I have seen my consultant twice and have also been referred for an Internal/External Ultrasound. The scanner guy has said he think he can see a small amount of endometriosis, and so my consultant said he would see me in 3 months (15th April), and to just double up my pill to stop my periods completely. This made me absolutely miserable for 2 months, with small cramping every day and no periods. So i went back onto one about 2 weeks ago, and now I'm back with my miserably painful and heavy periods. Only 2 weeks until i go and see my consultant luckily, but I'm not being fobbed off again.... they need to find out what it is before i lose the plot!! I also don't see how he could see 'a small amount of endo' when it isn't even a plausible way of looking for it anyway! Xx

  • Ok, now I understand. The ultra sound won't pick up endo whether its an internal or external scan, because its too small so it doesn't show. I've had a few myself, it will only show larger lumps like cysts. I had an ultra sound originally that showed ovarian cysts and I was fortunate enough to be sent for an MRI scan before the gynaey decided how to handle the situation. This scan showed the endo, although at the time the gynaey wasn't too fussed about treating it, l think he was just making sure there was no abnormalities showing which there obviously wasn't, he was more concerned about the herniated disc in my back that the scan showed!! Anyway in time the pelvic pain got horrendous and I couldn't ignore it, I went to my GP who referred me to the hospital for an ultra sound scan, and then after to see a specialist at the hospital. The scan showed nothing, the ovarian cysts come and go, but I didn't have any at the time. The specialist gave me an internal, cut out a pollop there and then, then he said he'd send me for a lap, as that is the only other way to find out whats going on with your insides, and treat the problem. Unfortunately there's a 3 month waiting list for the lap. Like you I get horrendous periods, so they fitted me with a mirena coil during surgery, I have to say my periods are nothing like before, I've only had 1 since surgery, but it was so light, it felt strange.

    Anyway push for the lap, it's the only way they know whats going on with you for sure. Yea dont get fobbed off, you shouldn't have to be in pain all the time.

    Lisa xx

  • Thanks, I did think it was very strange that he said he could see some endo when I've heard its not usually visible, so i have no idea what he's on about! Going to see my GP and tell him i want to push for the Lap, as i have been on various pills for my periods, and none have worked so far, so I'm very very skeptical about the coil! Im just lucky to have a GP who has pushed all of this for me! Thanks Lisa!


  • Hi

    You should maybe call your local pharmacy and ask to speak to the pharmacist. They will be able to tell you and you will probably get through far quicker than phoning the Gp...I phoned mine 41 times on Friday before I got through. I had a lap last Tuesday and the nurse recommended them tablets but never mentioned anything about ibuf with them. To be honest my life saver is heat pads, you can get ones that stick onto your clothing and I find that they help so so much!! Also drink loads of green tea as it helps you relax and helps cramps.

    Awful what us ladies have to go through.

    I was also prescribed codeine tablets as apparently more effective that paracetamol, think paracetamol blocks pain receptors and codeine is stronger and stops inflammation or something

    Good luck missus xx

  • Hey,

    Yep going to the Chemist now as fed up with doctors and the crap receptionists!! Currently stuck to my hot water bottle to the point where it leaves me scarred, the consultant and GP both know this but apparently its still ok to make me wait 3 months to see him, bit of a joke!!

    Thank you xxx

  • Good luck!

    The pharmastic will hopefully help

    I call the gp receptionists the "medical mafia" lol

  • They didn't help either, Just said i can't have Co/codamol because that also has paracetamol in it. Give up! May just take a dose of sleeping tablets and sleep through it!

  • I googled and on a mom asked if she could use both for her kid and the "doctor" said it wouldn't hurt...don't know if that helps or not? Most times I take 4 ibuprofens in one go :-s

  • I end up taking 4 in a row too just to try and numb the pain, but I'm not allowed anything with paracetamol in it because i need clear readings for some blood tests, otherwise i would have definitely overdosed on co-codamol right now :( thanks though x

  • Have you tried codydramol and brufen but have to get codydramol on prescription. This worked for me for years and not constipated as with cocodamol! I'm on oxynorm( morphine) as had Endo for 28 years, 8 ops anyway could write a book! But try the combination I said hope it helps!

  • Buscopan & ibuprofen are totally different types of drug and are fine to take together. Only just seen your post but for future reference there are always chemists open through the night that you could ring for advice regarding medications - google to find out which one is open as they rotate.hope you've got sorted. Xx

  • Thank you Babelfish! I ended up scalding myself with my hot water bottle and curling up in a ball and crying, but the pain is now gone thankfully!! I was wondering if anyone had actually tried Buscopan for period pains, as i know it says its for cramps, but i thought it was more for IBS (or are they the same pains?). Will definitely take your advice and ring up next time. Thank you Xx

  • Hi glad your feeling better. Buscopan is an antispasmodic so helos calm down the spasm assciated with IBS. I tried buscopan about a year ago for bad period pain but it didnt really help me...however now that my endo symptoms have become extremely severe i now have a lot of bowel endo problems / pains including intestinal spasms so I am now prescribed a similar drug to buscopan called mebevarine. When I have my endo bowel flare I swear by the mebeverine & I also take peppermint oil capsules. Like I said though, I have possible Rectovaginal endo so the symptoms that I struggle with the most, are severe IBS type problems so for me an antispasmodic is very useful but wasnt useful when I tried it for my bad period pain. Hope this helps. Its often trial & error - what works for one lady wont necessarily work for others. P.s I agree you could ask to be prescribed codiene but if you get it make sure you also get someting to help wih your boels as codiene constipates. Also you could ring your consulrants sec and ask for your appoint to be brought forward so you can push for a lap. Good luck with it all xx

  • Oh wow sounds like your having a pretty rough time :( I hope it settles down soon!! I agree it is definitely trial and error, its just typical this blood test coincides with my period stopping me taking normal painkillers! I am tempted to ring and bring it forward but i just can't imagine bringing it forward within the next 15 days will make much difference, Thank you though Xx

  • The buscopan should ease the cramp. I take nefopam which is an anti inflammatory and helps sometimes but I have morphine on bad days. Get a nice wheat bag which should help xx

  • Did your pharmacist not suggest nurofen plus? That is ibuprofen and codeine. You can take it instead of ibuprofen. As the others said you can also take buscopan at the same time. Tramadol keeps me awake too!

  • No i was really surprised! I said i have bought Ibuprofen and Codeine from Boots before, and they said they were surprised as you can't get Codeine over the counter, which is rubbish! Going to go and get some Nurofen Plus later and hope it helps, thank you x

  • Well, you can't buy straight codeine OTC, but you can get it with paracetamol or ibuprofen. How useless was that pharmacist! Good luck, sorry you are in so much pain. Hope it works for you - definitely take two to start with!

  • If it's endo it's not just a period pain I've ended up in A & E at least twice and got admitted both times and was put on morphine. You can only get codeine from the GP x

  • Yes was very tempted to go to a&e this morning!! I can get Nurofen Plus which is Codeine with Ibupfrofen... but i just don't know whether to take it or not because of the doctor banning me from paracetamol. She said Naproxen was fine but the pain hasn't subsided from taking that xx

  • Emma I can't read your last post for some reason. Just go to A & E if it gets to much x

  • hi you can take buscopan with ibuprofen, i got both in hospital as well as co-codamol which is codeine and tramadol the bad news is for me nothing works, i find a mix of naproxen, tramadol and gabapentin is best. you might not be familiar with gabapentin, its basically a neuro inhibitor, blocks pain signals traveling to the brain. its only for constant severe pain and needs a gp to prescribe it, be warned if you get it then it will floor you at the start but you get used to it, hope you feel better, xx

  • I take tramodol but they only really work when I take them with paracetamol have you tried diazepam for when it's bad that helps me and of course the good old hot water bottle!

  • Wow I know this is a few months old but all your comments that is my life! Pain, painkillers and I've literally just taken buscopan and ibuprofen together because I've been in pain all night! ( bowels) I have severe endo that was picked up on an MRI as mild but once they got in my surgeon was shocked she told me afterwards it is the worst case she has seen! I've been taking panadene forte for months every day up to 6 tablets a day sometimes more but it makes me constipated and my bowel is so badly caught up with endo it's very painful. I've just had surgery that removed my right Fallopian tube my left was removed last year due to how badly scarred they were they also became infected. Not sure if anyone will read this but wow! Just amazed me reading this :)

  • Hey :)

    Oh wow i cant believe they thought it was mild! at least you've been seen! I got diagnosed in June eventually and mine is only mild, but the pain definitely didnt feel like it!!

    Hope your feeling better!

    Emma x

  • Have u tried diclofenac tablets. I had Stage 4 or very severe endo and taking Diclofenac three times a day helps me with pain.

  • This was before i'd been diagnosed ,but i was prescribed diclofenac shortly after this post and i still didnt find it helpful Xx

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