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So so so much pain!!!


Hi I am just having a rant but I have had to take 2 days off work because my period is so bad and I'm in so much pain! I can hardly walk without my left side throbbing. I have my laroscopy next Tuesday and it it couldn't have come at a better time because I'm losing the will right now!! I have been sick with the pain, which doesn't help when your trying to take strong pain relief. I have terrible bowl symptoms that are causing quite a lot of the pain, milk does help to stop some of the pain. I am crying as I right this I am just so fed up of being in excruciating pain!

My hat off to every single one of you on this page because my god this condition is just unbearable at times. Xxx

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Hi Emma

I feel your pain it’s horrendous, you sometimes feel family/friends dont understand.

That was the reason I joined this group it offers so comfort knowing we are not alone.

I’ve been off work 2 weeks now the 1st was annual leave but was poorly all week and had a stay in hospital. Then been on the sick all this week.

I’m due to have my 4th laparoscopy on the 28th Aug it can’t come soon enough I feel like I’m wishing my life away to get to that date.

Good luck with your surgery hope you get some relief.

Linzi x


Hi Emmarussell.

I'm sorry to see you are in so much pain at the moment and hope that your surgery next week helps.

If you would like someone to speak to over the next few days you could try ringing our Helpline on 0808 808 2227. The Helpline is staffed by volunteers who all have experience of endometriosis, they can offer you support and information. Opening times can be found on our website

Best wishes

Lynne - Endometriosis UK

Hi Emma, I'm do sorry yo hear you're in so much pain. I empathise - I hate this condition so much! And it often does feel like people don't understand. Hopefully you will get treatment and thinfs will get better. Hormone treatment can also be helpful. As well as if course ibuprofen and hot water bottles. Hang in there! X x

I'm really sorry :( I know what you feel .... maybe I do not have endomedriosis but I still have a lot of problems with cysts on the ovaries ... I also had surgery and big bleeding .... your symptoms look like a cyst crack ... everything will be fine : *

I feel this exactly! I've had crippling periods since I was 12 and after a lap last year was told everything was normal and some people 'just have heavy periods' and they made no attempt to see why it might be happening, even though it's totally not normal to bleed so much and be in so much pain from it! Hopefully something comes of it and we find our relief soon, keep going! x

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