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Turns out suspected chocolate cyst removed yesterday is not chocolate cyst...what can it be?

Large 'chocolate cyst' found 5 weeks ago through internal sonogram and MRI to confirm. Cyst is now being tested, but I've to wait a week on results. Obviously doctors cannot guarantee what type of cyst it is before surgery but I now have no idea what it could be? Any suggestions? Sadly my ovary was removed ...

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There are several types of ovarian cyst. And endometrioma or chocolate cyst is just one of them and is the one associated with endo specifically.


is the NHS website describing the assorted types of cyst.

I lost my left ovary with a cyst - and thank god its not there any more. I have not had any grumbles or pain on that side in 3 years. It's been fab to have one side free of pain.

Still got problems on the other side - but I don't miss the more troublesome ovary at all.


Thank you for your reply. I'm feeling much better 1 week post surgery. A lot more positive too! Hopefully my other ovary can remain cyst free long enough for me to have kids.


Hi I hope you are ok? What were your test results? I have the same cyst and a cystedomea and they are being removed Saturday. I'm just worried the scan was wrong. Cysts I can deal with, something more sinister I can't. Thanks


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