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Should I have another laparoscopy? Has anyone else struggled after the pill?


I was diagnosed with endo about 8 years ago after having a laparoscopy and some removal of the endo. They said at the time it was mild / moderate. I was given the pill and for the last 7 years I have coped quite well. Last year I had to stop taking the pill due to severe migraines; since then my endo has got progressively worse. At times I now struggle to function, the pain can be so severe that I sometimes wish I could be put out of my misery. My doctor has now given me stronger painkillers (fentanyl) although I know this cannot be a long term solution. I was wondering if it might be worth having another laparoscopy? I am worried about what is going on inside and I know that is the only way they can find out. Has anyone else struggled when coming off the pill?

Thanks xx

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Have you ever tried the progesterone only pill? I can not take the combined pill as I also suffer migraines.

I have the mirena in and since I had it inserted in January I've had only spotting. The mirena only has progesterone so it shouldn't aggravate migraines.

I would definitely ask your GP for advice and maybe refer you back to the gynaecologist.

Good luck. X


Thanks - I tried progesterone only for a while, I had a few problems, but at the moment I am trying to stay pill free as I am considering my options about children. (I am now 36). I think I will speak to my GP again though. Thanks for the advice x


A laparoscopy can be helpful if your doctor is willing to remove endometriosis and adhesions


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