Been told I need excision surgery .... Scared stiff!!

I've been told by gynea there's nothing more she can do so I'm being referred for excision surgery I'm awaiting appointments etc but in the mean time I'm a quivering wreck the surgery sounds terrifying has anyone had this done? How did it go? How is the recovery? Please help settle my nerves everyone and to add to it I'm having my thyroid out at the same time!!

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  • Hi I've had excision surgery to remove an area of endo and the recovery was about three weeks the pain is no worse than the pain from the endo. Just allow yourself plenty of rest and time to recover after your op. please don't worry from what I've read excision is the best way to remove endo there is less chance if it returning.

  • I've heard the same still doesn't change how scary it all sounds haha but glad yours went well

  • Excision surgery is actually great news! All the Endo specialist surgeons use this method because they describe it as Endo being like an iceberg. Excision cuts it out below the surface so the recurrence rate is much less. Here in Australia us Endo sisters look for a specialist who does excision surgery on the Endo, as many just burn it off on the surface.

  • I know I'm very lucky! And I am extremely relieved I will now being seeing endo specialists but still a scary prospect

  • Hello

    I had total peritoneum excision last July, I had my tube removed, excision from my bladder, bowel, ureters, pod etc. I was in surgery 6 hours, stayed in hospital 3 data and back at work after 9, I work on my feet. I was pottering round the house soon as I was home. It was so worth it, best thing I have ever done. Good luck! X

  • Hi

    Can you tell me more about total excision and how did they get in with removing endo from bowel I have been told I need this op but petrified as they say I will need a colonoscopy bag x

  • 9days!?!?? Or weeks I'm a hairdresser and I've been told I may need 12 weeks off

  • I had excision of my Endo 4 weeks ago yesterday. I am now ok, although i can't stand or walk for too long still. The recovery time has been longer than when its burnt out but only by a couple of weeks. Good luck, you will be fine x

  • Thank u good luck to u too glad things are going well for u

  • Thank you x

  • It is the best way to be rid of endo - so this is gret news - and recover for most people is longer than 9 days - that really is exceptionally fast, I would say 6 weeks to a couple of months is more than enough time in most cases for you to be well enough to get back to work, depending on the work you do.

    If you work in a job that required manual work lifting weighty things - or with kids running at you and accidentally hitting your tummy you might want to leave returning to work too soon.

    Aside from that is is no different to any lap op where they laser or burn away endo, the healing process is slightly different so some post op pins feel different than they would from a burn healing - the itchyness inside is much less for example than you would experience from laser work.

    I am not going to say it will be easy to get through - because all surgery hurts for a few days initially and you do need to take pain killers to get you through it, but each day you recover and heal it gets easier and easier. Just be gentle, do not over do things, but do keep active pottering round the house as much and as frequently as you can as soon as you can.

    It's easier to wallow in bed or on the sofa, but that doesn't help the rest of your body, so gently wandering around the house is going to help circulation, healing, keeping your bowels from bunging up, and exercising the rest of you. Same as with any op.

  • Thank u so much for you're advice I've been told at least 6-8 weeks off but due to the fact I'm having a 2 in 1 surgery and I'm a hairdresser I may have to have 12weeks off :( we shall see

  • Hi I underwent total peritoneal excison which is a step further than normal excision. Excision surgery generally is removal of as much seen endo patches as possible. I had my whole peritoneal lining stripped out which removed all seen and any unseen endo.

    I had previously had a couple of investigatory laps - one took 6 weeks to recover from and the second took 3 weeks to recover from so it varies. I also would have expected extensive excision to be more painful than either of those but i can honestly say extensive excision didn't really feel too much different afterwards pain-wise to the investigations I had previously where a little work was done. It did take 8 weeks for me to feel completely back to normal but I did have an extensive procedure for very advanced endo.

    I was able to get up out of bed the next morning and had a shower that evening (although it was obviously more difficult than normal but it was doable). I felt rough but that was because had an 8 hour anaesthetic.

    That is the beauty of keyhole surgery, recovery is much easier than with any open wounds, no matter what you have done. They will keep you suitably topped up with pain killers too but, once I left hospital, I don't really recall needing them a great deal and I didn't take the co-codymol they gave me because it can contribute to constipation (I would have if I had really needed it pain-wise) but took ibuprofen and paracetamol and was ok with that. I was more sore and winded than in acute pain. Like others have said, compared to the pain of endo, it was certainly not pain on that kind of level! Like Impatient above says, it certainly isn't a walk in the park but my caesarean section that I had some years before that was immensely more painful and restricted movement in a much greater way.

    You will find that surgeons can sometimes be overly optimistic abut recovery times because it does their reputation good if patients recover quick. It is not a race though and it takes as long as it takes an individual person and their circumstances. They sometimes only sign you off for 2 weeks but that doesn't mean they are expecting you to be back at work. You are then expected to check in with your GP for further sign-off, although I have seen where they omit to tell people this and ladies think they should be back at work because they were only initially given 2 weeks.

    It is brilliant you are having excision and try not to worry too much about it. I know everyone's experience is different but I hope this has reassured you in some small way. It is difficult not to get anxious before any surgery but it is a few weeks and think what a benefit there may be afterwards.

    I so wish you all the best and a big hug x

  • Thanks so much for your advice and yes u have reassured me thank u x

  • I know I recover really quick I know its not the norm some have 2 weeks bed rest, thats just me though, I had been on tramadol, oramorph and butrans patch for months before so the op was a doddle! After my first lap I was back to work after 3 days, I cooked a meal the day I got out, I was bloated from the gas but my pain was manageable. They said I had a 1 in 8 chance of having a bag but I didn't. Don't worry when you see people saying it took ages to recover, but don't push yourself to be ready sooner, you get people at both ends of the scale and everyone has different tolerances to pain, different responsibilities. I had ivf 4-6 weeks after total excision so I was well recovered by then x

  • I gave my estimate based on the fact she is have neck surgery too - having her thyroid removed. Neck wounds can take longer to heal because of the movement and flexibility needed in every day things - even swallowing and coughing , speaking, looking up and down. The rehabilitation to get to a point where normal neck activity is good enough - plus the down below surgery is not something that can or should be rushed.

    It will probably be the neck more than the tummy that needs time off.

    My mum had neck surgery and it was winter and she found it very sensitive on the skin there. Silk scarfs were the answer, rather than woolly ones which are a bit rough and harsh on the skin.

  • More great advice thank u so much

  • Glad things went well for u good luck with everything

  • Wishing you all the best for your surgeries.I would also check up recovery tips for thyroidectomy -gosh this really is a 2 for price of 1 ! As all the other posters have said,recovery is a personal thing as we all differ.Also dependent on your support network.Do have have family or friends that will support you in the days afterwards?Whatever you experience,which we all hope is straightforward.knowledge and preparation will help.There are so many great posts on here on what preparations to make,what to take to hospital etc so have a good search through and be as prepared as possible..As for the surgeries,well they are in the hands of God through the skill of surgeons,, Be very glad you are having excision as this is the best possible outcome for you.

    Sending you a hug.

  • Thank u so much I hadn't thought to look up different preps, recovery process etc silly really and yes my husband will look after me as best he can :) thanks again x

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