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Can you ask to put forward for laparoscopy? ?, the pain is unbearable :(

I've been suffering with deep lower abdomen pains since 2010 and have finally got the ball rolling with my first ultrasound showing signs of endo. Basically what im wondering is do I have a right in asking for laparoscopy? I don't think I can bear the trial and error of different meds any longer. Last night I was in sooo much pain I was thinking of taking my self to A & E but I already knew I had this appointment booked for this morning and really all the hospital would do , would put me on some pain killers then send me on my merry way home. I need a diagnosis to help settle but the doctors just keep passing me from pillar to post. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I think you need to be firm with your gp, and ask for a lap, explain your going around in circles, your scan already shows endo, so can't see why they wouldn't, where in the country are you??? X


Hi sheri :-) this is the thing I didn't understand? Why don't they want to give one firm diagnosis rather than treating as many possible different ailments as possible? ??ive had to move to a different gp because my gp (who i had been with for 21 years ) simply said that the cause of pain during sex was because my partner was er.... too big?!?!?!? I was gob smacked! Thought I was treated totally unprofessionally and left there feeling like all the symptoms were made up in my head! This was damaging enough! Now I'm desperate to get myself out of this hole but not sure how I can push forward!! im in a small town in Oxfordshire x


Have you got a good endo clinic to go to (be referred to), there is one at the Radcliffe isn't there??

Did you have appt at gp or hospital xx


Well I had my appointment with the gp this morning and I think it went well, ive been referred to a gynae in Banbury next week at a private hospital. plus I pushed for the CA 125 blood test (I think it's that anyway) to be taken and more ultrasounds. Luckily I had a different gp today who understood absolutely everything I said :-) feeling a little more at peace now just gotta move to the next step. Fingers crossed x


the trouble with endo is it very rarely is Just Endo, because of the dominence of oestrogen and then length of time taken to diagnose, many ladies have other gynae issues going on too. most commonly adhesions, but there's polyps, cysts, endometriomas, bowel impairment, irritated bowels, compromised fertility, fibroids, enlarged ovaries or tubes or both, adeno, pcos etc.

most of which are much easier to spot first, some will make a stronger case for surgery.

The more that is known in advance - that may need surgical intervention, the better the use of resources when you do have an op.

in my op - I had 8 things done that I know of before anything was done on the endo lesions. and on top of that several biopsies taken.

Quite few i knew were on the list for being done in the op before i was knocked out.

Call the consultant's secretary and explain that your pains are now getting unmanageable and you are willing to be on standby for any last minute cancellation slots. If you need emergency super strong pain killers then do visit A&E, or speak to your GP about having some at home so if you need to call out a Doc to attend to you, you have the drugs and they bring the syringe to administer it. Called out GPs do not carry class A pain killers on them, but that doesn't mean you cannot have some issued to you just in case required.

I used to have pethedine glass ampules at home on standby when i was having kidney stone attacks.


Hello Tammy.

I'm 43 and was diagnosed in 1992 with Endo and PCOS.

When I was diagnosed it was by a laparoscopy. The lap was the first thing to be done even before the word ENDOMETRIOSIS was mentioned. It wasn't until I was diagnosed that I started treatment of any kind.

In my opinion, it seems really difficult to get a laparoscopy done these days. I don't know whether it comes down to the NHS budget or for some other reason!

I hope your private appointment goes well and that they give you what you deserve. A laparoscopy with a definitive diagnoses.

Best wishes,

Barbara x


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