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pain is nearly unbearable

Hi everyone, hope you are doing okay. Over the last week my pain has got so, so bad, it's even worse and I didn't think that was possible.. I am really struggling to physically cope with it. There have been quite a few times when I was on the verge of going back to A&E because I am in so much agony, but I am trying my best to cope with the pain without morphine. I don't know how much longer I can cope with it on my own though. I am constantly feeling and being sick due to this agony. I'm feeling so down and hopeless at the moment.

Sorry for the rant. it feels good to talk to people who know what this feels like though X

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I was at first resistent to taking a lot of pain killeres especially the morphine but once my body got over the side effefcts the benefits started to outweigh the negsatives, i am not aoin free (saw my gpo yesterday as my pain is worse this week and he just recommended taking more of the pills i am on )


Oh Tamsin !

Have you spoken to someone about the pain you are experiencing? It sounds as if you need to seek medical help as soon as possible.

Call the NHS 111 service to get advice or maybe call your GP'surgery if they are still open.

What other pain relief medicines have you got?

Barbara x


Don't suffer if you have morphine! But if you are still in agony with morphine you need to go toA and E .I am allergic to morphine,so the only thing I can get is pethidene and only if I go to hospital now as Gp will not give me tablets in case I get addicted lol-so you are lucky that your pain is being treated seriously by GP.I have stage 4 endo,adhesions,possible adenomyosis and awaiting surgeon re bowel endo and have been in agony -bedbound and housebound for much of Oct till now and am like you wondering how long I can bear the pain before resorting to another ambulance trip to hospital.It is so lonely,suffering endo,but please know that there are lots of us here who can empathise and support you.Sometimes it is good just to have a good moan - we are throroughly entitled to feel sorry for ourselves as endo is a vile disease.

I have learned the hard way,over my endo lifetime(started at 14,diagnosed at 28 and now 48) that if you don't make a fuss,doctors dismiss your pain.So please don't be afraid to go to A and E,when you are at the end of your tether.

Did you say you are a student -are you on your own or do you have friends to support you?

Sending you a big hug and let us know how you are getting on.


Tamsin when were you last scanned for a cyst?

The reason I ask is because some cysts are easy to see and some can get hidden in the POD and are rather trickier to locate on scans - but they can grow big enough and rather than burst they spring a leak - and this can give tremendous pain levels each and every day, rather than the cycle of pain that endo puts you through.

Having adequate pain relief is essential - but so too is having any leaking cyst taken out if there is one causing a problem.

Hugs to you - pain is exhausting and it grind you down so much - we have all been there too and it is soul destroying. Painkilling cyber hugs to you.



This sounds horrendous and I have experienced something very similar, I hate being realiant on pain relief however sometimes it is the only way to get through the day. Not really ideal I know. If you are in this much pain however you do need to seek medical advice again. Once the pain is manageable the mental side starts to get better, well this is my experience anyway. It is hard when friends etc have no experience themseleves of pain like it, you almost start wishing that they did, just so they can understand your pain.

Go see the doctor and hopefully things might get a bit more manageable.

L x


Hi everyone thank you for your replies, sorry it has taken a while to get back to you, I have had an absolutely crazy few days. My boyfriend has fractured his arm and has to have it surgically repaired on friday, so I have spent a lot of time in hospital with him (our favourite place at the moment lol) and helping him at home.

I don't have a prescription of morphine, the only time they allow me to have it is when I am taking into hospital and sometimes it's the only thing that helps. I have some very supportive friends at uni, but the problem is we are all going on placement in two weeks, and we end up dotted all over the country, which means I am going to be in London for 10 weeks away from my family, friends and support network. It scares me a bit because I am worried about what might happen if I end up in agony and have no one to help me. The good news is, one of my good friends has the same placement as me so I won't be alone, and she is aware of what is happening to she can help me if needs be. I have a very good placement in a very good hospital so I am excited, but also quite nervous about how I am going to cope. I just have to hope for the best and look after myself as much as possible.

Hope you are all having pain-free weeks Xx


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