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Taking GNRH injections or the Contraceptive pill. Which is better?

I have just this week been diagnosed with Endometriosis. My symptoms appeared when I came off the Pill at the beginning of 2013 (as I thought they were the cause!). After seeing a consultant for my bowels, which they thought the cause of the pain was, I finally now have been diagnosed with Endo.

He told me that I will need to be referred to a gyno but that I should also go to my GP to have a monthly injection that will bring on a fake menopause. I am a bit concerned about the side affects with these. Would it not be better to go back on the pill but not to have a break so that I don't have a period for a few months so that things 'calm down'?

Does anyone take the pill as a form of treatment for Endo?

Any help would be appreciated!


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Surgery is actually your best option - to see where the endo is - have it removed and then go on long term methods to stop your periods afterwards either BC Pills back to back so you have fewer periods in a year or have the mirena coil fitted during the surgery as this should stop your periods for up to 5 years and not require you to have daily pills.

The GnRH is not a soluton at all. You can only diagnose endo and the extent of it with surgery - and you should never have GnRH without a surgical diagnosis. It is not a cure by any means. It is a stop gap a pause for the endo but you will have to stop the drug and it will be just the same when you do stop.

It is no substitute for surgery to remove endo.

It has many risks and vast number of possible side effects which can be very grim indeed so there is no point being on it - because all they are doing is fobbing you off rather than giving you the surgery that you do actually need to get rid of the endo lesions.

If the BC Pills worked for you before then stck with them now until you get your operation. Insist on the surgery to diagnose and to remove the endo.

The 1st op may only be able to diagnose and map the endo locations and you may need extensive complex 2nd surgery for th harder to reach endo.

If that is the case then ask you GP to refer you do one of th accrdited endo centres.

Most regular gynaecologists are not able to perform complex endo surgery - but they are able to do the diagnostic lap ops and remove the shallow lesions of endo.

This is what you need to be demanding. GnRH is a con...especially when you have not yet had a diagnostic surgery. It is not recommended for any patients who have not been surgically diagnosed with endo - and are just at the 'srongly suspected as having endo' stage of the battle.

Stick with the BC Pill option for now till you know the extent of the disease inside you and something has been done to remove what is there now.


Thanks for your reply,

I have had exploratory surgery a few weeks ago, this is where the diagnosis has come from. Doctors thought my pain was caused by ulcers in the bowels but it turned out to be the endo pressing against my rectum.

Definitely want the surgery and the consultant said I will need to have it. I just feel a little lost at the moment as I thought it was something completely different. I am just worried about getting lost in the system!


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