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A new piece of research into how endo responds to N-Acetyl Cysteine...which you can buy in Holland & Barrett!!

I have been trawling the depths of the net, fishing for treatments for and research into endometriosis and I will post any links for anyone who is interested in this type of information.

My latest trawl has turned up this study in Italy dated 2013 - ”A Promise in the Treatment of Endometriosis: An Observational Cohort Study on Ovarian Endometrioma Reduction by N-Acetylcysteine” The report is here: hindawi.com/journals/ecam/2...

The conclusion is as follows:

“We can conclude that NAC actually represents a simple effective treatment for endometriosis, without side effects” (Porpora 2013).

I assumed that N-Acetyl Cysteine was some inaccessible untested drug but I was mistaken. You can buy it in Holland & Barrett, Amazon etc.!!!

I then looked it up on webmed and here are the possible side effects that we should be aware of. webmd.com/vitamins-suppleme...

I will be printing out the report and showing it to my doctor when I see him in March and see what he says. I suggest you all do the same if you feel like me that the cycle of surgery, drugs, surgery, drugs etc. etc. is not a sufficient solution.

However, I would add that I don't believe there is a quick or easy fix to endo and a multi-faceted approach works best but....I'd be more than happy to be proved wrong!

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Please keep us posted on whether you start taking it or not, and it how it goes for you! Thank you!!


Definitely keep us posted! I often sit trawling through research but most throws up things I've read elsewhere or incurs a ridiculous cost.

Any research you find will be a great read if nothing else :)


I will certainly report back when I ask my doctor. If there don't appear to be any risks then anything is worth a try. I expect that he will not have an opinion either way and say if I want to try it it's up to me...but he will take it all with a pinch of salt.

In the meantime, if you have an appointment coming up, do please ask your doctor's opinion. Don't be afraid to ask questions and keep asking.


Thanks very much - looks interesting and I look forward to reading the links and assessing whether to give this a go.


I thought I'd post an update on NAC. I was in touch with Melissa at cureendometriosis.com (fab site, check it out) and one of her friends has tried NAC. It does not work for everyone but could be worth a try. I do suggest you involve your doctor. Here's the link to her story:



Thanks, I will read her story now. I spoke to my GP briefly about it and she does not want me to mess out with my medication right now. It was agreed to discuss it with my gynaecologist on the 6th March. I have asthma, so that looks to be a problem. Thanks, Nichola


Wow, what an amazing result. I have just sent it on to a friend who suffers from one other condition she mentioned in her article. I would love to give it a go, but will do it under medical guidance. Thanks again x


I'm glad you've spoken to your doctor. It is worth considering. When you speak to your gynaecologist, do take a print out of the report.

It's really amazing how resistant the med profession can be to new findings. For evidence of this look up Barry Marshall. He's an Australian doctor who discovered that many ulcers can be caused by a bacteria called Heliobacter Pylori and can go on to cause heart disease. The cure for ulcers and heart disease? Expensive drugs from the pharma companies as usual but he proposed testing for H. Pylori and eliminating with anti-biotics. The whole profession ridiculed him but he was proved correct and his theory is now well known and accepted. he recieved the Nobel prize in 2005. I had known about this since the early 90s. I mentioned it to my doctor a few years ago and he nearly fell off his chair when he heard I knew about it. He's one of the good guys.

The reason I mention all this is it can be used as an example if possible and simple solutions are presented that don't fit with convention and are met with resistance. You can then just cite the case of H. Pylori and ask your doctor what is their counter argument. Their resistance won't sound that convincing then. I realise you have asthma but I'm sure you understand where I'm coming from.

Sorry for banging on!


Hi, well I took the article to show the gynaecologist but she was not interested. I have started taking NAC. My gynaecologist does not think my endo has returned and I have to go back and see GP and ask for a referral to a Rheumatologist. She thinks I could have a condition such as Fibromyalgia. However, people with that condition have taken NAC and it helps. I will report back how I go on them. Thanks again.


Hi sparkledancer,

Thanks for the update.

I will see my specialist 18th March but I don't plan on showing him the info on NAC as I suspect his reaction will be similar to your gynae's. I will however talk to my GP about it when I get around to seeing him next. He is not in the least bit resistant to new ideas...I hope!

One interesting thing...the people who did the research are have applied for a patent for a drug using NAC with other things added. google.com/patents/US8637573 They can't make money out of NAC alone as it already exists and can be bought without prescription. They have to add other things to create a new patentable product....and therefore make money I assume.

Do please take care when using NAC and please consult your GP and demand support on this and be very mindful of possible side effects or contraindications with any other drugs you might be taking. There has to be something in it if the research team are patenting a drug using it. If you encounter the concern that it hasn't been fully approved yet then I think the response to that could be..."so why do doctors often prescribe GNRH to treat endo for longer than 6 months? Something like Zoladex is only approved by the FDA for use up to 6 months. After that you are into experimentation as it certainly not approved beyond 6 months in a woman's lifetime"

Good luck and do keep us updated! x


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