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Hrt??? Do I take it?

Hi I'm 43 had hysterectomy 4 years ago because of severe endometriosis, then in October 2015 had to have both ovaries removed:-( since then I still suffer with pain in my right side, I went to see consultant who thinks my bowels have attached themselves to my scar tissue on right side of ovaries:-( I'm now waiting for more investigation n surgery, I'm soo fed up!

Then I received letter from hospital and my go to say they want me to go on hrt estraderm patches:-( I'm so scared but my family n partner say I'm moody irritable and may help!! Is anyone else on patches? Have they worked??? I made the mistake of reading side effects🤔Please help Andrea

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Hi hunny, firstly are you under a bsge specialist centre???

I'm in a similar situation to you, I had a laparoscopy march 15 and diagnosed with endo and adenomyosis, endo apparently removed, and then had a titak hysterectomy for adenomyosis in july15, I'm still in pain daily, these two ops where done by a general gyne, I'm now under a bsge specialist centre and am awaiting another laparoscopy, where he will take overies and remove any endo, that I'm sure he will find, I've just come off zolodez and I was taking hrt along side it,

So I will have the same decision to make, do I go on hrt or not, I'm 40, but my mum and sisters have all gone through menopause at 42, and what with my hysterectomy i would most definitely be going into menopause in the next few years anyway, my mum wasn't able to take hrt due to blood clot, and my sisters dint take it, but I worry about my bones, as I've suffered with back problems for years, although most of that was hopefully the adenomyosi s that is now cured,

What side effects are you most concerned with,



Morning I too had adenomyois as well as Endo, I've suffered since I was 19:-( I've had all the surgery for that!what is bsge?? I'm under a bowel surgeon n gynaecologist?

I also have 2 prolapsed discs in my back, n fibromyalgia :-( God shoot me now!!! So my gp n gynaecologist suggest I go on hrt as a precaution for my bones, also my moods!

I'm scared because I googled the hrt and it doesn't say that it will help with my moods n most of all my tender breasts! If anything they are some of the side effects:-(

Also my sex life is ok so I'm scared it will ruin that also:-(

I really don't know what to do? I'm staring at the patches thinking do I take it today,as my partner says I'm really moody as do my kids


Hi hunny, a bsge specialist centre is just that, a centre where specialists gyne surgeons work, but these gynes have has a 2 year training course on excision surgery and can identify endo that most general gyne often miss. Are you in uk????

Look up Lindles posts on here she has actually replied below, or even message her direct, she is very informative, endo that is in certain areas or certain types of endo , by nhs protocol and nhs contract should only be dealt with via a bsge accredited centre, unfortunately the communication between gynes and nhs is crap and lots of gynes try to deal with surgeries that basically they shouldn't have gone near, it's Bo***** really that they can get away with it, but there you go,

Si if you are in uk, find a bsge centres near you go to your gp and ask for referral to it,


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Hi never heard of that before:-( yes I'm in uk in Leicester, I'm just soo fed up now as I've started hrt patches n now wondering if I've done right thing? N maybe should I have waited until they do me bowel surgery x


If I was you I would get refferal to a centre, I've had endo removed and a hysterectomy for adenomyosis, I'm still in pain, I had my ops under a general gyne and now awaiting another laparoscopy with a bsge specialist centre, he will take overies out, and check for missed endo, which I'm convinced he will find,

General gyne often miss endo in certain areas and that just means more surgery,

Please make sure you get the best care possible, I wish I had done this last year,

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Hi.I am 43 and on Estrogen only Hrt with progesterone every 3 months for 10 days to give me a bleed. I had my ovaries removed last year due to cyclical pain and endo. I would be lying if I said it's easy, but having tried being on nothing at all i would recommend trying it. Without it I get lots of flushes and really poor sleep . This alone makes it worth it for me. I have really struggled though finding one I can tolerate, as I am really sensitive to any medication. But it's worth pursuing if you can't cope with the menopause symptoms! 😀

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Morning thankyou for your reply, poor u n me to I'm sensitive to everything, but I've been brave lol n put the patch on like 20 minutes ago, it's tingling a bit down my leg, but I'm taking it as that normal, I'm suprised they gave u progesterone based, as they told me we don't need that, n feeds the Endo?


The progesterone given to BBBOA will presumably be due to having retained the uterus and so to protect against endometrial cancer. That is very unusual with BSO.


Hi Lindle it's Tracey, this ladies isn't under a bsge centre, why do you think her gyne hasn't referred her????



I too had hysterectomy in Feb 2015 and also had ovaries removed. Was on combined HRT and endo came back so had another laparoscopy then consultant (General gynae) changed me into oestregen only one - big mistake as pain returned much worse.

Finally referred to BSGE clinic and they told me to stop HRT and see how I go and if anything try Tibolone (livial) as synthetic but combined.

So far I'm surviving with nothing but hot flushes and insomnia not great.

Menopace are helping a bit as is acupuncture so id say to try more herbal or natural things first.

I did have bone scan and density is ok but figure even if not I'd rather be out of pain now than worry about bone health later. Not ideal but where I want to be.

So I know it's hard but it's best to make your own mind up based on what you can deal with.

Good luck.

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Hi that's what has scared me about hrt the fact it will make my Endo worse:-( but my gp n gyny say its scar tissue not Endo, as they have taken everything away, but I argued that I still have Endo in my bowels! I'm soooo frustrated as they are scaring me so I started patches yesterday,.-as my partner n children say I'm really moody n tired all the time, n should give it a go!' So know I'm scared wether I made right choice


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