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marina coil advise please

I was first diagnosed with endo in 1999 I have had to laparoscopies , laser treatment ,3 rounds of ivf with no joy . we have now adopted our son . I went back to the hospital yesterday to see what they will do for me as I am in so much pain to the point I want to pass out and one day out of 5 I cant leave the house as I bleed so much. hoping they would suggest hysterectomy she has said they want to start with small treatment first . so waiting for scan appointment then I go back in 5 weeks to discuss treatment but she wants to fit the marina coil.

has anyone had this and how long did it take to work as I read it can take up to a year ????


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This is only my personal response to the mirena coil but I was fitted with it in 2008 before I was diagnosed with endo to treat painful periods, I had read mixed reviews about the benefits/drawbacks before agreeing to it. almost instantly I was experiencing strange pain, almost as if it was moving inside and cutting. As a result I had to have it removed with 8 months. If you google the term you will find mixed reviews, you can but try


Hi. Sorry you are having such a bad time of it :( I got my first marina coil 7 years ago (have since had it replaced) and have had no problems with it. I used to bleed really heavily but that stopped the minute I got my first coil :) Have to say though that it didn't do anything to relieve my pain, my endo symptoms didn't actually start until 3 years into my first coil but Im glad Im not bleeding anymore and for that reason Id recommend it. Everyone is different though so Id suggest you speak to your doctor and your concerns before committing to anything..... Good Luck :) x


I've had the Mirena coil for 2 years. It seems to be keeping my endo in check -- which is the only reason I had it put in. It does, however, produce cysts on my ovaries, which usually aren't too painful, but sometimes (and with increasing frequency now) either the coil, or the cysts, or most likely -- both, are bringing on nausea and headaches.


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