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Mirena coil - cramping

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Hi there,

I've had the mirena coil fitted and it's been a week. I've been experiencing severe cramps since. I was just wondering how long this tends to last as it's affecting work.

Thank you :)

10 Replies
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Hi, I had it fitted just over a month ago. My cramps were horrendous for the first couple of weeks but it's definitely died down now. I do still get them occasionally but unsure as to whether that's the coil or just my endo. I've been told by a few people that it can take a couple of months to calm down! I hope they calm down for you soon!

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Fern20 in reply to Alice-96

Thank you for your reply, I seem to get the pain in bursts, not ongoing. Hopefully they'll settle soon.

I want to stick with this as I didn't get on well with the pill at all.

Thank you again

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Alice-96 in reply to Fern20

I guess everyone is different, unfortunately I have to take the pill as well as the coil! Good luck!

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Fabbird in reply to Fern20

My pain was similar, as you say in bursts. It felt to me like my body was trying to expel the IUD. I found being still and warm helped it to settle each time it kicked off. I'd go to bed with a hot water bottle if I could. Or use a heat patch, if at work.

Eventually my body seemed to give up trying to get rid of it. I'm glad to say, it's not tried again since. We live together happily, now on my fourth one.

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Hi, I think it varies a bit. But you should expect them for a while. Mine took a few months to pass, but gradually faded so it got easier. My advice is to be patient with it and give your body time to get used to it being there, provided the level of pain is bearable.

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Fern20 in reply to Fabbird

Thank you, the pain eases when i take pain killers so hopefully it'll ease soon. I was curious to know the length of the pain for other women and how long to expect this.

Thank you

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It takes a while. I had my 3rd laparascopy in april & I had it fitted then & I havent stopped bleeding and its always painful. They said give it upto 4 months atleast. Funny thing is I had it 2 years ago and my body rejected it so I had it removed as emergency. It really depends on your body as it has to adapt to hormones. Hope this helps! xx

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LindaML in reply to Zaiba01


So glad of your comment. I have the mirena 3 months now and getting nausea every 4 weeks, along with hot flushes, insomnia and severe lower back pain. Seriously considering getting it removed...

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Zaiba01 in reply to LindaML

Wait one more month see of it settles in otherwise get it removed x

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Thanks for your comment.

The nausea is the worst this week.

Not sure have the patience to wait 4 more weeks. My gut says get it out...

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