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newly fitted Mirena coil...not feeling great...need some reassurance


I know some of you on here have had the Mirena coil so am just hoping for some reassurance. I had mine fitted just under a week ago during a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. I feel awful. I am really tearful and 'hormonal' and generally feeling under the weather. I know it takes some time to settle in, saw the GP on Friday as I thought I had an infection, the pain is really bad, like really bad period pain and relentless and the bleeding is just none stop, is this all normal? I do want to try this as a treatment as I have given up on everything else I have tried, normally due to the hormonal feelings ( I suffer with anxiety and depression, so have to be very careful not to let my mood get low).

You ladies are normally really helpful so I am hoping some of you have experienced this and come out the other side with a good story to tell!! Has anyone experienced this pain, how long does it last? And the bleeding, it's tiring! And the low mood/teariness, is this normal? I am due back to work on Tuesday and need to start feeling better!! Thanks ladies xx

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I can't offer reassurance but I'm in the same boat as you as I had mine fitted on Wednesday during my laparoscopy. My consultant said to give it at least 6 months and prepare for spotting. What she didn't warn me of was the excruciating period like cramps!! I expected pain but not this much! I also feel quite teary but I expect it's just down to what my body has been through and getting my energy back.

Perhaps your GP could prescribe you something for the bleeding and the pain? If you can keep strong and persevere whilst it settles in, it could bring you relief for upto 5 years!

I hope it gets better for you x

Thanks, I hope things settle for you too! If only we could just take to bed and wait for things to get better but sadly we need to get on and try and live in the meantime, well that is my problem anyway, I just don't have the time to be poorly like this and wait for it to settle in, especially if it takes that long! My consultant didn't mention the bleeding and pain but the GP did say it's normal, it doesn't feel very normal right now but I guess time will tell xx

Hi karrijon,

I had a Mirena fitted several years ago, it was certainly uncomfortable for a few weeks but soon settles in, it took about 6 months for the spotting to subside completely, but once it had, I was period free for 4 years.....just give it time.

However if you still feel uncomfortable, contact your GP who may be able to offer reassurance and pain relief.

Take care


Thanks Emma, the pain is pretty bad and the bleeding is much more than spotting and still no sign of it letting up, I will try and persevere I guess...period free does sound like a dream come true! x



The low mood could be due to the general anaesthetic. It always affects me that way. I become quite down and cry for no reason after an anaesthetic.

I am having the mirena put in on Wednesday (I've tried it twice before but am trying it again as I now have adenomyosis) . My hospital doctor has told me that the mirena can take between 3-6 months to settle down. I have got some tablets called norethisterone, which I can take to help control the bleeding while the mirena settles.

Take care if yourself.

Barbara. X

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Thanks Barbara I might look into those tablets, I don't want to give up! Did it not agree with you the first 2 times you tried it? I just wish I had been told of the bleeding and pain beforehand, all he said was that it will help with the pain....still waiting!!

Mine certainly took a good few months to settle down and I agree that the after affects of the op are also causing some of these symptoms as I had the same proceedures.

I was ready to have mine taken out but glad I persevered. I used to bleed extremely heavily resulting in soaking through clothes into furniture. Now nothing apart from occasional spotting.

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It does seem from what I'm reading that the first bit is the worst bit so I am hoping I can get through this and look forward to some relief. Thanks for your reply xx

Hi you will start to feel better in about a week I went through the same thing ur period normally last about 4 weeks but I had an infection aswell just bear with it it does get better x x x

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Thank you, I will try and bear with it! xx

Hi I also had a Mireya coil fitted whilst having an operation,, any advise I can give if you start bleeding a lot get it removed

,, I had an infection from mine 2weeks post op :(((

Hi, thanks for your reply, I started bleeding properly after 2 days of having it put in. The bleeding was heavy and I had really bad pain so I went to the GP who said no infection as I didn't have a temperature etc. The bleeding and pain have just carried on and on....what were the signs of infection?

Morning I had my Mirena Coil fitted last june and have had nothing but problems really heavy bleeding, clots the size of my hand, every time I went to the loo the pan was just blood clots, last week my dr said it could be endo, my mood/teariness is crazy I cant sit for very long cant stand for long or lay down. just feeling like rubbish hate this pain x

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Oh dear that does not sound good, have you thought about having it taken out? I don't think I could stand it for that long. I really hope you start feeling better soon, you could see if they can give you something for your low mood, no shame in talking about it and it might help your physical symptoms if you're mentally stronger ? Hugs to you xx

I had mine fitted last week too. I'm still bleeding and the shooting pains that I had with my endo have gotten much worse. I have spent the majority of the week feeling catastrophically low, crying all the time and being unable to function properly. However, I had this coil twice before and I know that it will get better and better. I still had heavy and quite painful periods the last two times I had it, but they were improved and it was perfect lazy contraception! I'm hoping that this will hold my lap back by a couple of years, so fingers crossed!

Thanks, hope you start feeling better soon, sounds like there is light at the end of this very dark tunnel, I hope so xx

Hi I had mine fitted 5 weeks ago in surgery I have found it very painful especially in areas where I had the surgery. The consultant gave me the pill for first 3 weeks of having coil in. I am now off the pill, I have been back to GP who examined didn't say alot about the coil, had swabs were clear. Shes sending me for a scan. I am trying to remain positive as I cant explain the pain some days aren't as bad as some. I have found my left side in particular has been very sensitive at times behind my belly button. Its been painful enough for strong painkillers thats for sure! Im thnking as it releases hormones perhaps the organs inside are still sensitive?! Walking was even uncomfortable I feel at times as though my insides are being stretched similar to false contractions. Even had swelling around the belly to. I really hope things improve for you sorry to hear your having a rough time too x

Thank you, sounds like it's not great for you either! Hope things improve for you, I'm having another bad day today but even though it's only been a week it feels like forever! I hope you get a good outcome, let me know how you get on x


Hi Karrijon . So sorry to hear your having a bad time, I am due to have a Hysteroscopy and coil fitted next week.... I have been very apprehensive about this and after reading your experience I am not too keen. How are you feeling? X

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Hi Molly, I am still not feeling great, still in pain and still bleeding but it is a little better than it was. Don't know if you've read all the replies but it does seem as though generally it is a good move if you can get through this initial bit. I am going to try and give it time to settle in, good luck with yours xx

I had my coil fitted when I had my Laparoscopy in November 2013. I thought after my Lap& Coil I would feel better and I would be active again and my heavy, clotted periods would stop. For the first few days whilst recuperating from the Lap & Coil I felt fine. But as soon as I started moving I felt pain, at first I put it down to the scar tissue from surgery but the pain wasn’t the same as pre-op.

I bled constantly for 3 months and suffered bad back ache after walking. After one particularly severe pain episode the intensity of which I can only liken to childbirth, combined with a temperature above 38o C then the bleeding suddenly stopped.

I returned to fulltime work after the Lap & Coil and as I sit for long periods at a desk/on flights –my abdomen just aches deep inside and this radiates across my abdomen from top to bottom. This is very different from the pain I felt before the Lap & Coil which was a sharp pain above my groin.

In addition there appears to be other side effects: my moods changed and I found I couldn't speak very well in public anymore - I was tripping up over my words, couldn't think of a word mid sentence. My sex drive has packed up and left home. I feel so very down and I now feel my abdomen is the size at 7 months pregnant. At this moment in time - severe blood/clot loss looks like a better option.

It was only in February I was told I had a retroverted utereus but when I questioned the Consultant Nurse regarding the suitability of the coil with a retroverted utereus I was informed that it would make no difference and if I still had pain I would need either bowel surgery or more hormones that would bring on a medical menopause. However I am not reassured by her lack of explanation and unsympathetic bedside manner and I will be discussing it with the consultant next month. I have researched this on the internet and cannot find much detail.

I currently feel the pain I am experiencing is two fold: endometrial pain from the endo on my bowel but also a different pain radiating from the region of the coil. If I see no improvement by mid-March and I do not receive an adequate explanation from the consultant for the pain I will seriously consider having it removed.

This could just be a worsening of the endo, but I remain to be convinced.

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