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Mirena coil fitted without general?


Hello ladies. Hope you're all pain free today and taking it easy. I'm due to get the coil fitted end of April. As I won't be under general, I just wondered what everyone's experiences of getting it fitted are as I'm quite apprehensive. Also, will I be okay for work the next day? Thanks to anyone who can offer some advice xx

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Hi Km1986,

Do you mean having the mirena coil fitted without " general anesthestic" ?

I guess it depends on the level or stage of endometriosis you have but as its generally small in size it can be fitted without having to be under general anesthetic with no bother.


Yeah the offered to do it under general anaesthetic but I'd prefer not to. I know a couple of people who had it fitted and said it was horrendous and were sore for days

Mine was popped in mid cycle. Take a couple of analgesics before hand , relax and hey presto it's in. Hope it goes smoothly and once settled down , (it takes time mine took 6 months of very very light bleeding)will give you years of being pain. J x

That sounds good! Fingers crossed mine goes as well as that. Thank you

in reply to KM1986

My mirena seems to have increased my pain.....

The pain you experience depends on your own pain threshold - if you have smear tests that are super painful - this will be a lot worse. I think you are nuts to turn down the anaesthetic,but even if you do try and get it done without - and it proves too painful - which it very well might if you hve endo, then you can stop the procedure and save it for next time you have a lapop and get it done then.

Getting it done in hosp - with painkiller tablets you take before you go to hosp, and having entonox (gas and air) on hand during the procedure may be enough to get you through the process.

It's the having a speculum expanded inside the vagina for some time that is the real issue for most ladies. But if there is any swelling or cervical erosion then the device delivering the mirena in to the uterus could also prove a very painful experience.

In which case being realistic - you may need 3-4 days off afterwards and lots of painrelief for a few days till your inner parts calm down again from the bruising and torn adhesions.

Over stretching the vagina and cervix if you do have adhesions is what causes the pain as it tears the adhesions and that HURTS.

So while someone with no adhesions will usually have no trouble at all getting mirena swiftly installed - someone with endo in the POD or adhesions inside or outside the cervix or vagina will find it an extremely painful process.

It is one for which you are entitled to anaesthetic. The fact they offered it to you tells me they suspect you may find it too painful - as normally they try an put us off having anaesthetic because they are paid a bonus for not using anaesthetics when we do actually need them.

It's you decision - and even if it does fail to complete because th pain is too much this time round- you can still have it done later on with anaesthetic. But lesson will be learned that in future all such procedures and you will need anaesthetic. You won't know till you give it a go.

I really with you best of luck - it's a super gadget once it gets to work, but as far as pain levels go - it could prove just a bit too much to bare.

I had mine fitted at a local family planning clinic and I have next felt pain like it. I took painkillers before as advised but wish I had took tramadol straight off. It didn't help that the doctor who did it did not seem to care or understand endo. I asked her a question about painkillers and she laughed at, me, I also signed paperwork after but of course could not read it due to pain. That said I had it done Saturday and managed to get back to work on Monday although I was still tender so maybe consider booking a few days off just in case. I really wish I had had mine done in the hospital but it wasn't an option at the time and if I did it all over again I'd take the general

Inpatient I've recently had a lap to remove all my endo so hopefully there's nothing there to irritate it too much. I'll take plenty pain killers and see how I go. I really want to avoid general anaesthetic if I can. At the end of the day there are a lot of risks with that and would mean even more time off. All I can do is try. Thanks for all your feedback x

Hi, I had my coil fitted without anaesthetic and whilst it was excruciating I passed out lol it was better to not suffer the effects of anaesthetic after based on my previous 3 coils under general (I am only 24 and childless) and my consultant said commonly it is much more painful in this instance. I recommend pain relief before, I didn't and it took 60mg codeine and all day for pain to subside. However if your Dr sees you struggling you can lie down after and calm down.. good luck xxxx

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