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Bleeding on Tribone HRT


I'm into my 2nd month of 6 months of Decapeptyl treatment and the difference in pain is unbelievable. From constantly bleeding with immense pain to virtually no pain at all is a godsend.... but... I started to become very low in mood and had bone pain so started on Tribone which has counteracted these symptoms. I have started bleeding again. Is this a normal symptom? I have had a really bad headache (not my usual migraine) and am wondering if the hrt is giving me a period? I am 5 days into the hrt

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I bled on it too - spotting more than a full period but heavy enough. They ended up stopping the treatment early and operated on me instead.

I don't know if you kept going on it you would settle. I've since learned some do.

Glad it's helped the pain, anyway. :)

Hi I’m into my third month of decapeptyl but was told to take tibolone from the start. I had a horrid flare up in the first month with a really heavy period and then felt better. However, I’ve now had a second light period with some spotting either side and been in pain since. I think its getting a little better but my consultant isn’t interested in helping anyway!

I bleed on it every month but got lighter each time. I’m on month 5 & no bleeding. I still feel like I’m going to come on with the bloating, mild discomfort and mood changes.

Keep at it it will settle.

Good luck

Hi, I’m on month 5 now and have been bleeding for 6 weeks constantly. I have tried to get some advice from my consultant but he’s not interested and said he will see me in clinic at the end of July. My endo pain is back to and not feeling great!!

Oh thanx for the replies. The pros are definitely outwaying the cons but I was really worried about the bleeding which is still happening with some light cramps. I guess I'm just a bit apprehensive that it's not going to work and I will have to endure the constant bleeding an pain again. I'm desperate to have a hysterectomy and this is basically a trial to see how my body copes with a full hysterectomy which is going well except the bleeding

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