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Constant pain since early September, can't eat much, can't walk much , can't ever plan anything, feeling very fed up !

I'm so fed up with the pain, even a good day I get pain, waiting for a date for my second lap. My legs, hips stomach are continually dragging pain, feel bad for my family. And to top it off my dad has been diagnosed with the big c word. This year has been totally crap and looking forward to seeing the back of it.

Ps. Sorry needed to rant x

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Hi Sheri

I'm so sorry you've having such a horrible time :(

You're right, 2013 has been rubbish for so many people. Let's hope that it gets better in 2014 for all of us :)

Love and hugs

C xxx


I know how you feel. I've been in constant pain since the beginning of November and they don't know what's causing it yet. Has your doctor found you adequate pain killers? You shouldn't have to suffer. I'm sorry to hear that your dad has been diagnosed with the big c. My mum recovered from it three times (it took her the fourth time last year :-( ) but you can recover from it. It just takes time and hope. Anyway, blessings for next year and I hope it's nothing as bad as this year has been for you.


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