How do I get rid of this nauseous feeling?

I had my second lap last sunday, the pain post-op is bearable due to it being a lesser pain than what I was in daily pre-op. However, I cannot get away from feeling constantly sick. I know it is most likely due to my body trying to settle after having an op and the anaesthetic possibly still being in my system. I just wanted to know if anyone had any tried and tested methods which have worked to ease the sickness?

Hope you're all doing okay,

Thanks in advance xx

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  • Ginger and mint are good for nausea-I take as herbal teas.Eating a dry biscuit can also help as can flat coke.Peppermint oil in warm water,sipped slowly-just 1 drop- can help nausea and also good for trapped wind.If the nausea is really bad then Dr can give you anti nausea tablets or injections.

    I had terrible nausea after last lap.and think it was acombination of the pethidene,anaesthetic and bowels being bunged up.That is another thing to watch that you don't get too constipated as this will make the pain and nausea much worse.

    .Another thoughtis the travel bands used for travel sickness-can be bought in most chemists.

    Do keep posting-lots will give advice.

  • Thank you for responding! I've tried dry biscuits, but eating anything at all seems to make me feel worse at the moment. I will have a try of the ginger and mint teas, any recommendations of the best ones?

    I've started taking some medication used for travel sickness; will see if that helps at all...fingers crossed!

    Thanks again for the advice, hope you have a happy and pain free christmas :) x

  • HI Ellie,I like pukka herbal teas -you can get online or in big supermarkets.But it is a matter of taste as there are lots around,Just make sure it is caffeine free as some teas sold as herbals are normal tea with eg ginger ,mint added.Caffeine is one of the things you need to cut out if on the sicknes pills will hopefully calm your nausea.I suffer from migraine and have a pill which has paracetamol and an ant nausea tablet -called paramax and that works very well for migraine nausea.

    I am in a great deal of pain and am switching between dihydrocodene paracetamol and pethidene at moment.Have severe kidney infection,along with an endo flare after coming of Depo Provera.Now they think the persistent pain is adhesions and I'm now waitng to see a general surgeon!Hoping and praying that I improve in time for Christmas,

    Sending you warm wishes a Christmas and hope things improve soon.

  • I haven't tried the endo diet, I'm a vegetarian and eat very little anyway, so I find that the diet causes me to be really restricted with what I can and can't eat! Have you tried it?

    Wishing you luck with the surgeon when you get to see them; hopefully you will start to get some relief soon!

  • I have found (after all of my operations) extra-strong mints are extremely good in getting rid of the nausea and also in getting rid of the pain from the gas that has been pumped in during the operations. xx

  • Thank you for the advice, I will get some mints today and give them a try :) Hope all is well with you x

  • My pleasure dear, I hope they help you xx

  • Hi Ellie, I don't have the answer but I am feeling the same as you after having my lap on Wednesday. Hope you feel better soon x

  • How did your lap go? I'm still feeling quite sick after mine and it was nearly a week ago, I hope you start feeling better before then! Maybe have a try of the things being suggested to me? Best wishes x

  • Hi Ellie, I'm still suffering (a week after lap) with the nausea and dizziness it's horrible, I can't even stay sat up for that long without feeling bad. I can't eat biscuit (gluten intolerant) mints help a little depending on how bad I feel. Hope you are feeling better now x

  • Hi Ellie, I was just wondering how are you feeling now? Do you still have the nausea? I still have it a month after my lap. Hope your feeling better x

  • Hi Ellie

    I suffer terribly with nausea with my endo, to the point I lost 2 stone last summer through not being able to eat, can you get to the docs? I'm on a medication called prochloperazine think its spelt like that, its amazing. And yes the travel sickness bands and mentioned already xx

  • That's awful! Has that medication you're on controlled it? I can't get to my doctors at the moment as my car is getting repaired. I cannot afford to lose much more weight though, as endo has caused me to be in the underweight bracket through pain preventing me from wanting to eat as I haven't been hungry. Hopefully this will change with having had my second lap!

    Wishing you all the best xx

  • I had my first laparoscopy last Saturday and am still feeling nauseous, I find drinking water and eating mints helps. Xx

  • I swear by weleda digestion calming drops. They really help me. Hope you feel better soon xxx

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