How do I get prescribed a nerve pain tablet?

I am reading wonderful things about these (also used as anti depressants which would be useful right now). I am due to see my gynae consultant on Weds for my follow up after my lap almost two weeks ago, and will tell him that my pain is prickly and burning now as well as achey - and every single day. Could he prescribe these for me or will I need to see my GP? Don't think I can wait another two weeks to see her....

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  • Hi Mitch I am currently taking Cymbalta an antidepressant which as far as I know I was prescribed for depression and anxiety attacks which I have suffered with since I was a teenager. No psychologist I have seen understands the panic that Endo pain can fill you with to the point that one female psychologist told me I was using my Endo as attention seeking from my husband. So not true! I could have slapped her if I wasn't so upset. Cymbalta is prescribed for nerve pain for diabetics, fibromyalgia and arthritis. I have found it great, but still need to take my Codeine. The bonus is it seems to make the Codeine more effective. Go steady driving. Codeine was not working for me but when I started Cymbalta it was much more effective. I was prescribed by my GP, but I am currently living in Switzerland. My Mum has asked for this drug for her arthritis and been told no for some reason possibly cost, it is an expensive drug, but maybe if you offer to pay who knows.

    Good luck, I hope this helps.

    Jen x

  • There is a medication called amitriptyline. This drug was developed for depressive disorders. Amitiptyline is also now prescribed for nerve pain but at a lower dose than when it's prescribed for depression. Amitriptyline is usually taken just before bed as it has a sedative effect.

    Your GP or hospital doc, can prescribe this for nerve pain.

    If you need medication for low mood or depression, your GP will probably prescribe the newer class of anti depressants, SSRI's. Theses have less severe side effects than the older anti depressants and are better tolerated.

    Your GP can prescribe amitriptyline for nerve pain and if necessary also prescribe a anti depressant. They can be taken safely together.

    Best of luck.


  • Hi Barbara,

    How are you?

    Have you started taking the amitriptyline? Any joy yet or does it take time to have an affect? x

  • Hello Brownlow.

    Yes I took amitriptyline on Friday and Saturday evening. I definitely slept better!

    I'm feeling very well, However, my scheduled period is due at the weekend and although the mirena has made them so light, I'm not looking forward to the severe cramping and shooting pains! Not to mention the fatigue and nose bleeds!

    How are you?

  • Great to hear it's working and that you're feeling very well!

    Like you, I'm not looking forward to this weekend. Tens machine at the ready. Never used one before. I hope the weather is awful this weekend! x

  • I love my tens machine!

    The tens machine, hot water bottle and me are Inseparable!

    I hope you have a good day . X

  • Hi Cuddlybarb, my Mum tried Amitriptyline but couldn't cope with the restless legs it have her so stopped. Have you had this side effect?

  • No, it did give me a very dry mouth though


  • Ok, I hope it keeps working well for you, it is such a relief to get a good nights sleep isn't it. ;0) good luck this weekend. X

  • Thank you.

    How are you?

  • Be careful with Prozac if you are taking Microgynon, I was prescribed this and I started having pain and bleeding again which is why I was changed to Cymbalta. Prozac can reduce the effectiveness of some contraceptive type drugs. ;0) x

  • Hi, were you in daily pain before taking the Amitriptyline and is it something my consultant can prescribe for me at my post op appointment tomorrow or just my GP?

  • Yes I am still in daily pain. The amitriptyline will help you sleep as well as help with the specific pain.

    Yes, your hospital doc can prescribe this for you.

    Maybe you could also ask about being referred to a specialist pain clinic?

    Barbara x

  • Aww thanks for asking Cuddlybarb. Bit down at the moment. Cerazette was great for the first 3 weeks and then I had an awful period and anxiety attacks and depression are back. I feel like I am going mad at the moment and I always feel guilty when I have to take Codeine.

    I'm hoping for a rainy few days too so I can cuddle up on the bed with my knitting and cats. :0) x

  • I'm really sorry to hear that you aren't feeling great. I'm really sensitive to hormones and they seem to trigger emotional troubles. I currently take citalopram and I have had the mirena for two months..... No problems so far.

    They wanted me to try GNRH but that's not going to happen, I would rather have all the Endo pain than the severe anxiety and depression.

    Have you tried the mirena?

  • Hi Cuddlybarb, thanks for your kind reply. Yes tried the Mirena. It was too painful for me and I just bled heavily all the time. :0(. I just have to keep cuddling my cats and hope for the best. ;0). I read somewhere the other day that cats purr to heal themselves as well as to show contentment and stress. Perhaps we should all learn the art of purring. ;0))))). Chat soon. Big hugs Jen x

  • Purrr.............

  • :0)))))))

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