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is there anything I can do????

I really am at the end of my tether with things at the moment:( I had my first Lap to remove endo of my POD and my US ligaments on the 5th Sept. I had a lot of pain before, but since the operation the pain has got a million times worse. Before I was in pain maybe 70% of the time, now im in pain 100% of the time. I haven't had a day off pain/painkillers since the surgery

So its an unusual situation.....I am a professional snowboarder, and Im due to go an do one last season competing before I retire (im 29, but been told I cant leave it any longer for babies, so want one last blast at it!!). So I dont start fertility treatment until May next year (clomid?). BUT, I dont want to go on the pill or anything like that because if I conceive naturally then that would be amazing, wouldnt have to go through all the fertlity stuff. Seems so silly to go on the pill if i struggle to conceive anyway. Although I was told the pill would help with the pain

I just dont know what to do:( Is there nothing else that can be done to help the pain in the mean time???? Is this normal for more pain after the surgery to remove endo?? I have been to the docs a couple times but they just send me away with more painkillers. I thought they would want to find out whats causing the pain? What could it be??? Havent got a urine infection, not constipated!!!

I feel so low, I really dont know what to do or where to turn. Im fed up of trying to put on a brave face. Not even sure i will be able to travel and compete feeling like this

x x x

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Hi, I use herbal stuff and diet and find it helps. Agnus castus and evening primrose oil seem to help the pain and I have peppermint capsules and drink peppermint tea for the bloating and bowel side of it. I had endo removed from my POD back in March and was ok for the first couple of months until my pro stap injection war off then I was worse than before my op. I hope this helps but check with the health food shop before you take it as some people can't take it because of other medications they are on x


aw thank you, these are good ideas, im def going to try them. I used to do lots of herbal things a couple of years ago but stopped as none seemed to work. But didn't try these, so thank you. Hope you're ok and not in too much pain x x x


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